The Origin

The newest dance crew representing the Bay Area. Dancers consist of Astro, DeyDey, J Random, Kai, and O-Rod.

Collage Crew is a group of high school friends who share the love for dance. The group originated in the summer of 2015 between O-Rod and J Random. 


O-Rod has been dancing all of his life and has always wanted to start a dance crew. He brought the idea to J Random and began to form the crew consisting of their friends from the high school they graduated from. The first member that joined the two was DeyDey. Then, it was Astro and Kai. After forming a crew, they decided to do their first dance video with DeyDey's choreography to Tinashe's "Cold Sweat". 


After a successful shoot with their first video, their "Cold Sweat" video reach about 1,000 views on YouTube. They were then onto their next project with Kai's choreography to Chris Brown's "Liquor". 


"Liquor" was more of a challenge than "Cold Sweat". This specific video was really thought out, in terms of extras and lighting, as well as decorating the house and much more. "Liquor" has reached about 4,000 views on YouTube and has became their most viewed video.


Once that video was done, it back to the same cycle: practices at night and day in preparation of their next video. They would usually stay up to about 1 o'clock in the morning, making sure everything is as in sync as possible. 


One of the most interesting things about Collage Crew is the diversity. Everyone has a different race and background. As well as the style of dancing, specifically hip-hop, everyone has their own way of doing hip-hop. They can be a handful but they can definitely get business done.

Be sure to check out their YouTube channel.