Interview Questions


1. How did you guys meet? 

2. How did you guys come up with the name, "Collage" Crew? 

3. What is your dancing experience? 

4. What are the struggles of being in a dance group together? 

5. How do you guys come up with choreography? How long does it take for you guys to make it? 

6. What's the process of making your dance videos? How long does it take for the a video to be finalized? 

7. What made you guys want to form this dance group? 

8. Where do you see Collage Crew in the future? 

9. What makes Collage Crew different from any other dance groups? 

10. Do you plan on adding any other members to the group? Why or why not? 


I will be interviewing my best friend, Julio Blandon Jr. (a.k.a. J Random), who happens to be the leader of the dance group. We would have this interview held at the location of our practices.