Interview Questions


1. How did you guys meet? 

2. How did you guys come up with the name, "Collage" Crew? 

3. What is your dancing experience? 

4. What are the struggles of being in a dance group together? 

5. How do you guys come up with choreography? How long does it take for you guys to make it? 

6. What's the process of making your dance videos? How long does it take for the a video to be finalized? 

7. What made you guys want to form this dance group? 

8. Where do you see Collage Crew in the future? 

9. What makes Collage Crew different from any other dance groups? 

10. Do you plan on adding any other members to the group? Why or why not? 


I will be interviewing my best friend, Julio Blandon Jr. (a.k.a. J Random), who happens to be the leader of the dance group. We would have this interview held at the location of our practices.

Dance With Me Tonight MUSIC VIDEO

Last week, Collage Crew has been working with their friend, Brandon Fong, on his music video. He covers Olly Murs' "Dance With Me Tonight" and has collaborated with our friend and director, Christian Murillo, in making his vision come to life. He sees his cover video in a 1950s concept and has asked Collage Crew to be make a feature in the video. J Random and Kai Williams made a mini choreography for the video in the most 1950s way as possible. 

The videoshoot was a 3 day production. Everything was filmed and it was luckily right about on time schedule. It was a very fun and happy shoot filmed with very amazing people. Expect Brandon's video to come out soon and check him out on YouTube. 

Access to Collage Crew

Every Tuesday and Thursday nights, Collage Crew has their dance practices. We would usually meet up somewhere that's convenient for us and discuss what our next move is, or our next dance video. Once we have a concept and one of us has choreography to teach, we then start learning it. Here's a couple of behind the scenes videos and vlogs from our YouTube channel to give you a taste of what it's like in the crew.