About The Project


My idea is going to follow the lives of my dance group Collage Crew. We are going to focus on the goals, hard work, and dedication that the group has in becoming the next big thing and what they are doing to achieve it.


Collage Crew is a dance group that I am in. I have their contact information and I have easy access to them.


The story is going to start off with how the group started and what they've accomplished. It's going to focus on their journey and what they're doing now.


Collage Crew consists of five members. There is David "Astro" Casanola, myself, Julio "J Random" Blandon Jr., Malachi "Kai" Williams, and Oscar "O-Rod" Rodriguez. They will be the focus of the documentary. 


One location will be set at the Berkeley University Campus. It's the place where Collage Crew usually have their practices at.


The project is about high schol friends who share a love for dance and are trying to make it big in the entertainment industry. 


Collage Crew has been putting their time and effort in making their dance videos. They have scheduled practices in which they constantly go over and over to make sure their choreography is ready for a new video. They've all danced together when they were still in high school. 2 years later, they decided to form a dance group together and start making videos in hopes of getting noticed.


The audience is obviously everyone. However, it's more towards the young people who are just like us: trying to make it big. There is plenty of young talented people who are trying to achieve a certain dream and I feel like this story can help inspire them to never give up, no matter how big the obstacle is. 


Filming and getting interviews with Collage Crew would most likely be held at their scheduled practices. From there, we can take all or just one individual to talk about what it is like being a member of the dance group. Obstacles would most likely be time. Practices are usually late at night.


Everyone in Collage Crew is very interesting. What makes us a "collage" is that everyone has a different racial background, different personalities, different style, and a different style of dancing. We all have one goal being in Collage Crew and that is to make it big.