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So this past year Midtown and Downtown Sacramento has become another city going through a “gentrification process”, basically cleaning up and revamping run down and “less desirable” parts of town. Now I’ll be the first to admit that the K-street strip in downtown Sac could stand to smell a little less like urine, but this article makes me think who ever’s in charge needs to be paying more attention to what locals may want over the tourists

We need more places for people to enjoy art and music, not pay $15 for an “artisan sandwich”

CTNX 2015

Two weeks ago I had probably had one of the best/most educational weekends of my life. I took a road trip up to Burbank with some friends to attend the Creative Talent and Networking Expo, basically a massive gathering of artists and animators from around the world. While there I saw a lot of amazing demonstrations, met some awesome people who may one day be my peers and coworkers and probably spent half the amount of my rent on reference and art books but it was 100% worth it! I’m completely set on going next year, but next time I’m spending extra money to get an all-access pass, bringing my portfolio and reel for interviews and making sure I get a hotel room near the convention hall (where we were staying was about an hour drive away from the expo)

Also special bonus: getting to meet Ross and Holly from the Game Grumps (they were super nice!)

“Perfection” Isn’t in the Artist’s Vocabulary

So recently I ended up going through my art folders on my computer and ended coming across my first drawing using a tablet and Photoshop.

Brace yourselves.

1stworkSeriously look at this! LOOK AT IT!!!

I’ll be the first to admit, this is hands down not my best work. I remember struggling to not look at the tablet and focus on the computer screen, pretty much the exact opposite of drawing in a sketchbook. In the end, this was the result, but I didn’t let it stop me and I kept at it. For comparison here’s a sketch I did this year:


Four years. Dozen’s of sketchbooks, two computers, two different art programs (I switched over to Manga Studio a couple years ago), countless hours staring at a screen/sheet of paper. Multiple anxiety attacks, a few sleepless nights and a permanent case of carpal tunnel at 21 years old. Same character. Even the same tablet.

I guess the point here is never stop trying to improve. You may not notice it right away but with every day you work on your art you’re getting better. Improving takes time, and for artists, that time lasts our entire lives.

So just be patient.