LMW 2 Proposal

TITLE Physical Healing


John Johnson, Deshon Butler, Vernon Stewart, and Delency Parham


This documentary shows alternative methods in treating PTSD.


We want to show the general public what PTSD is. Mainly those who are uneducated about PTSD and its treaments 


We expect our audience to see the other sides of PTSD, the struggle in life those who have PTSD face, and the treatments. We hope they learn to empathize with those sufering, in hopes of creating compassion for our vets and others who have endured traumatic experiences.


Delency and John will be creating a track specifically geared around PTSD and this project. We will also have interviews with Dante Toomer, as well as Diane Whiteside. Treraputic ambient sounds will also be used as our ackground soundtracks. 


The stories told by war veterans who suffer from (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder talk about their mood swings, anxieties, nightmares and experiences during combat. The Vets also talk about their complications in society suffering from PTSD.

The introduction of Diane Whiteside who is a Physical Therapist, MNRI Cove Specialist speaks on the relation on how certain massage modalities helps relieve a large number of PTSD symptoms. Diane also gives a visual demonstration of the work that is performed on PTSD patients.

Dante Toomer is introduced. He is a retired US Veteran who has also suffered from PTSD, but has found a way to deal with the illness by becoming a massage therapist to help other individuals who also suffers from PTSD. Dante speaks on his on experiences with PTSD and feed back from clients who feel better after receiving a massage.


The Style of the film was directed and edited in a way to get the attention of viewers who suffers from PTSD and may or may not know it. To bring awareness about massage therapy and how it can be a healthy and pain free alternative for individuals suffering from PTSD. People who have been in war or been through a traumatic experience can relate to this film. By involving real testimonies, the film will touch on personal stories that the audience can relate to each story being illustrated in the film.