About Us


My name is Deshon Butler. Most people call me Cowboy. I got this name as a child because I have bow-legs and my friends would say I walk as if I just got off a horse. I am 38 years of age and a proud father of two beautiful children. I am a Musician, Producer, Sound Engineer, Videographer, Editor, Photographer and Massage Therapist. I enjoy the many talents I have, and I always get a kick out of how far I have grown in life and how brighter my future is looking for me and my kids. I am now a student at SAE Expression College where I am trying to get my Bachelors Degree Digital Filmmaking and Digital Sound. I want to take my skill set and professionally craft myself as a Brand as a product to the World.


I own my own production company called Extreme Visual Recordings. My company has filmed tons of weddings, parties and live events. Now I want to get into making short films and documentaries. I believe that there are so many stories that need to be told and I can provide that platform to bridge the message and the audience together for everyone to see and hear what needs to be told. Growing up I used a lot of my skills for all the wrong reasons, or to promote crime and self hatred because of the mind set I was in, but after going through a few life changing experiences I have done a 360 degree turn around and want to use all my special powers for good.

So this is who I am in a nut shell. I good guy who has made some wrong decisions in life, but yet still had the opportunity to make some good decisions to overwrite the wrong ones. Thank you for viewing my page and enjoy the content that I have provided for you, hopefully you will be enlighten by some information or a topic maybe even an individual you had no idea about and this website provided the new consumption of that unknown information.



My name is John Johnson.

i am a lyricist and songwriter. I'm also a San Francisco Native. i enjoy long walks to the end of the block and listening to music. I believe music is a journey and should take you somewhere. if it doesnt… it's not music.  

I currently attend Expression College for Sound Arts, so i can produce music. I hope to build connections and collaborate with other artists and sound engineers. In the next 10 years, I hope to work with rappers, musicians, and artists professionally. I also hope to make enough money to move back into SF. (It's a long shot, I know.) 

In my free time I enjoy photography, the outdoors, and finding things that inspire me. 


My name is Delency Parham. Aka DEEP. Aka Ghetto Lavurt. Music is my motivation. I was inspired by my grandfather Clarence Thomas. A self-taught pianist that played many different instruments. I have put out several CD's, that I will share over time. For now, check out my song "No Love". Produced by Gregory Piere.




    Hi, my name is Vernon Stewart, I am Animation & Visual Effects student at SAE Expression College in Emeryville. I've been drawing since I could remember, drawing characters from my favorite movies. I've always a passion for art I just needed the direction. After 7 year in junior college I needed something new in my life to give more mmotivation to follow my dreams so here I am. 

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