About This Project


This project is about a Military Veteran who decided to become a Massage Therapist to help his fellow Service Men and Women who suffer from war injuries and (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and option of Physical Healing instead of being addicted to prescription drugs or illegal substances. This project will also shine a light on how Massage Therapy can be helpful to any and everyone who is willing to receive and appreciate the power of Physical Healing.


Mr. Dante Toomer is a very good personal friend of mine and a fellow colligue in the Massage Therapy Industry. I have photos and videos of Mr. Toomer displaying his skills.


The story is about a war vet who becomes a Massage Therapist to help people heal and educate them on the benefits to receiving Physical Healing. The story will tell the ups and downs of becoming a Massage Therapist and how it changed not only his life, but the life of everyone he has encounter with. The story will also tell how some veterans come home and can find a way to a smooth transition from war to civilization and becoming a very valuable person to society.


Dante Toomer (Massage Therapist) Retired War Veteran wo served 14 years in the United States Military.


Indulging Touch @ Face and Body Day Spa 460 Santa Clara Ave. Oakland, CA.


Veterans, Massage Therapist, Alternative ways of Healing to help instead of hinder.


Once a week.


Anyone who is tired of taking prescription drugs.


I will go and receive a massage and then interview Mr. Toomer afterwards.


There are so many people who don’t know the significance of Massage Therapy and the physical health benefits that come from not just only being a client, but also the benefits of becoming a Massage Therapist and
how financially it can change your life.