Project Proposal

Sweet Dreams are Made of Cheese

Collaborators: Curds of Prey Productions. Vanessa Delgado, Alyssa Harn, Mario Gallegos, Debbie Nitka

Overview: The story that led Alison Arevalo and Erin Wade to quit their jobs and put everything on the line to open a Mac’n Cheese restaurant in Oakland, CA.

Intended Audience: The specific audience we aim to target with this project includes young adults and adults, students, entrepreneurs, and locals to the Oakland area.

Objective of the film: What we intend the audience to take away from this film is the lesson that people don’t have to settle. If someone has a dream or a passion, they should do their best to pursue it. Nothing is impossible.

Soundtrack: There will be no narrative speaking, only the interview subjects’ voices will be heard. We will have upbeat music and in some scenes there will be restaurant noises such as dishes rattling, cars going by, people talking, etc. Overall the sound design of the film will be uplifting.


“I felt like I was sorta following someone elses dream and not really my own.” -Erin “I was so miserable, I hated it.” -Alison. We start out hearing and seeing these two women talking about their unsatisfying jobs. We begin to feel a sense of unfulfillment and we can see that they are not happy with where they are at. We then learn of how these two women met and how they changed their own lives.

This film is the inspiring story of how two women, Erin and Alison, put everything on the line in order to pursue their dream of opening a restaurant, Homeroom, in Oakland, CA. Quitting their corporate jobs and taking big risks, these women show us that anyone can live out their passion. One of the challenges we see them face is the naming of the restaurant. When first starting out, the restaurant was originally called “Little Mac” and McDonalds didn’t like that so they tried suing Erin and Alison. On top of that we show how they were also struggling with finances and how they were  just trying to stay afloat. We see them seeking for help but instead of getting good advice, it ended up hurting them. Upon seeing all of their struggles we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel as their restaurant quickly climbs to the top on opening night.

With interviews of the women with their husbands, and more interviews including just Erin and Alison, and of the employees working at Homeroom, we can delve into what Erin and Alison went through. As the film progresses and nears towards the end we see that Erin and Alison have made it. They got out of their miserable jobs, built up a successful restaurant, and are living out their passion everyday. We also see that not only have they made it for themselves, but they have inspired and touched the lives of others as well.

At the end of this film the audience will be left with a sense of inspiration and feeling that they too can accomplish their dreams and pursue their passion.

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