Final Cut

Here is our finished piece for Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese!! 😀

Thank you a million times over to everyone who was a part of this project and gave us time out of their busy schedules, we couldn’t have done it without you.


Interview Questions

Below you can find a list of some of the questions we planned on using for our interviews with Alison, Erin, and their family. We were able to get some really thoughtful and amazing responses! Look forward to hearing from them in our upcoming documentary~

  1. What kind of person is Alison/Erin? What can you tell me about her personality?
  2. How would you describe Erin/Alison’s relationship with her work when she was still a marketer?
  3. How would you describe it now, with Homeroom?
  4. Can you tell us about the day that Alison/Erin came home and told you she planned on opening a restaurant?
  5. How have your expectations for the restaurant evolved since it first opened, were you expecting it to be as popular as it has become?
  6. Opening a restaurant is a major commitment, what would you say is the biggest adjustment your family has had to make since making such a huge decision?
  7. What would you say to someone on the border of pursuing their dreams and staying in their mundane career?
  8. Can you recall a time when you thought to yourself, “Oh God, what have we gotten ourselves into?”
  9. Thinking back to the fateful day when you met Erin/Alison and her husband, how would you describe the encounter from your point of view?
  10. Do you ever wonder what your lives would be like now if perhaps the two of you had decided to go to a different restaurant that day? If Alison/Erin was still working as a marketer/attorney?
  11. Rewinding a bit back to when Homeroom was still “Little Mac”, McDonalds threatened to sue over the rights to the name, at that point what were your thoughts on the restaurant?
  12. How did you feel with their decision to change the name?
  13. Were you present during opening day? If so what was that day like?
  14. How has Homeroom changed your life since it opened?

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese


Thanks to the votes of my fellow Living in a Media World 2 class, I will be joined by Alyssa Harn, Mario Gallegos, and Debbie Nitka in the creation of Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese which will be a documentary about Alison Arevalo and Erin Wade, co-owners of Homeroom.

Our team name is Curds of Prey.

The story we will be telling is that of Alison Arevalo and Erin Wade, both successful business women, who quit their careers in order to follow their dream of opening a macaroni and cheese restaurant right here in Oakland, CA.

Our approach towards this project will include a poetic use of music, photos, and texts. We plan on using a mixture of observational and expository views as well as narratives and voiceovers in order to further our story. As far as sound design goes, we plan on creating an upbeat and overall cheerful tone to our piece especially when it comes to footage of the lively Homeroom customers.

Some obligatories that will be included in our piece include photos and interviews of the owners themselves, their dishes, customers, and the restaurant.

Our group also plans on including interviews with staff, customers, and family members of the dynamic duo in order to get further insight as to the origins and present success created by Alison and Erin.

Interview Questions

Recently, I was granted access to hold a short interview with the owners of Homeroom, Alison and Erin! Below you can find the questions from this interview. Make sure to stay tuned for the uploaded video soon to come.

Interview Questions

  1. As a kid, we all have big dreams of what it’s going to be like when you “grow up.” What was your childhood dream job?
  2. What influenced your decision to become a marketer or attorney?
  3. What do you think your life would be like now if you had decided to keep your old careers?
  4. What are your thoughts on the possibly that young adults might often feel pressured by social norms or family to find jobs deemed “successful”?
  5. What advice do you have to others who were in your shoes a few years ago?


  1. Looking back now, is there anything that you feel you could have done better or is there anything you regret doing?
  2. What are your feelings towards Oakland? Why did you decide to open your restaurant here as opposed to SF or San Jose?
  3. Can you tell me a little bit about how the two of you met?
  4. How long did you know one another before the actual unveiling of Homeroom?
  5. It’s been said that you shouldn’t “judge a book by it’s cover” but it appears that you and Allison/Erin must have had an incredible first impression of each other to decide to make such a huge life change after knowing each other for such a small amount of time. Do you mind sharing a few of your first impressions of each other?


  1. What are the origins behind Homeroom? Like what was the deciding factor in choosing the classroom theme as well as the name?
  2. How did you two come to the conclusion to have an exclusive mac and cheese menu? Were there any other menu ideas that didn’t quite cut it?
  3. What were your feelings during the opening day? Were there any difficulties that you faced?
  4. Tell me about a memorable experience you had during the first few months of business.
  5. What were your expectations when you opened Homeroom? Do you feel that you you’ve met or exceeded them?
  6. How has your relationship with each other grown since opening Homeroom?
  7. What do you see in the future for Homeroom?


Classic Mac and Cheese

For those of you who have a passion for cooking, Homeroom’s Mac and Cheese Cookbook is a must have and can be found at either the Homeroom website, store, or even on Amazon!

... with ten speed press, our mac + cheese cookbook is finally here

But for those of you who are a bit intimidated by such a vast recipe book and unsure about whether it’s a good buy, check out this freebie posted on the Chow website for the classic mac and cheese recipe. Give it a try and you’ll be convinced immediately that this is any food lover’s macaroni Bible!


The Cheese Factor

Big news for all the Homeroom lovers out there! It looks like Homeroom is gonna be starting the new year off with a bang by starring on The Cooking Channel’s ” Offbeat Eats with Jim Stacy.” You can find more info about the episode as well as the air date and times here. Feel free to tune in and enjoy our local favorite’s time in the spotlight!