Intro and Conclusion Ideas


For the introduction, we plan on opening the film to a quote from Erin Wade and Alison Arevalo in which they state how miserable they were, working as an attorney and marketer respectively. There will also be cuts of interview footage from their husbands describing their wives attitudes after a long day at work; terrible. Erin and Alison then go on to explain that they had experienced family as well as social pressures when it came time to choose their career paths regardless of where their true passions in life were: food, cooking, and restaurants. B-roll footage of cook books and Oakland restaurants will be playing as they speak. A time lapse of a flower withering will also be used as B-roll to show how their passions were ignored in order to pursue a more traditional and secure job. We want to portray the fact that although they were deemed “successful” in their careers, they were unfulfilled in their hearts. Interview footage of Alison and Erin will resume playing as they continue and state that there really aren’t many role models in the food industry, let alone female role models.

We will then construct the story of how Alison and Erin met through the combined footage of Alison, Alejandro, Erin, and Uri. A photograph of Bittersweet cafe, where the four first met, will be shown. The camera will then return to an interview of Erin in which she describes how she was fired from her job as an attorney and then decides to call Alison. The two then decide to become partners in the opening of a restaurant, and it is here where our story really begins; cue title.



We plan to conclude our documentary with images and video¬†that reinforce how¬†Alison and Erin broke away from the normal work convention, beat the odds, and became successful doing something they love. We will start the conclusion with Alison’s husband telling us that they never dreamed they would become this successful. Then it will move into both the husbands telling us how Erin and Alison are happier in general now than they were with their old jobs. As the conclusion wraps up we will hear Erin asking us why we are alive and telling us to pursue our dreams. Ending the conclusion we will hear a quote from one of the employees and see some pictures backing up their success. We want the audience to walk away feeling empowered and capable of overcoming the hurdles that have been preventing them from pursuing their own dreams.