About the Project


Allison Arevalo and Erin Wade are the proud owners of a quaint little restaurant located in the Temescal area of Oakland. What sets them apart from any other restaurant in Oakland is the fact that they have an exclusive macaroni and cheese menu.



Allison Arevalo and Erin Wade met by accident one fateful rainy day while both working dull corporate jobs, Erin an attorney and Allison a marketer, and decided to pursue their passion of opening a restaurant one day. They then quit their cushy business careers and put their entire life savings on the line in order to open Homeroom. Their dreams soon became a reality as Homeroom quickly grew in popularity and became a hot spot for parties, dates, and events with lines out the door on a daily basis at all times of day. This is the story about how two great minds came together to create a successful and unique business.


Through the course of this project, I will get in touch with either Allison or Erin for an interview in order to get the full back story on the creation of Homeroom, what drove them to have such drastic changes of careers, and how they are maintaining their successful independent business. The heart of my documentary will be based off the interviews of the owners as well as their loyal customers.


Homeroom is located at 4OO 4Oth street right here in Oakland CA.



The specific audience I aim to target with this project includes young adults and adults, students, entrepreneurs, and locals to the Oakland area. I want to share Erin and Allison’s amazing success story and prove that you don’t have to conform to a typical and boring corporate job in order to have a successful career. By sharing their story, I hope to inspire others who have been too afraid to follow through with their ambitions and goals and ended up settling for whatever was convenient. Erin and Allison are proof that it is entirely possible to take a leap of faith and flourish.


In order to approach this project, I plan on getting in touch with the owners so I can arrange interviews with them as well as their customers both returning and new. I am very interested in this project since I consider myself a “foodie” and constantly searching for new and unique local restaurants. I have been enamored by Homeroom from day one, as will my audience upon tasting the delicious food, enjoying the adorable elementary school theme, and learning of the particular history behind it’s creation. Allison and Erin aren’t huge superstars or celebrities opening up some chain restaurant like Guy Fieri or Gordon Ramsey, they are normal people just like you and me, which is why their story is so appealing.

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