Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese


Thanks to the votes of my fellow Living in a Media World 2 class, I will be joined by Alyssa Harn, Mario Gallegos, and Debbie Nitka in the creation of Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese which will be a documentary about Alison Arevalo and Erin Wade, co-owners of Homeroom.

Our team name is Curds of Prey.

The story we will be telling is that of Alison Arevalo and Erin Wade, both successful business women, who quit their careers in order to follow their dream of opening a macaroni and cheese restaurant right here in Oakland, CA.

Our approach towards this project will include a poetic use of music, photos, and texts. We plan on using a mixture of observational and expository views as well as narratives and voiceovers in order to further our story. As far as sound design goes, we plan on creating an upbeat and overall cheerful tone to our piece especially when it comes to footage of the lively Homeroom customers.

Some obligatories that will be included in our piece include photos and interviews of the owners themselves, their dishes, customers, and the restaurant.

Our group also plans on including interviews with staff, customers, and family members of the dynamic duo in order to get further insight as to the origins and present success created by Alison and Erin.