Vegans welcome!

Known for their delicious macaroni and cheese, Homeroom has grown quite the fan club here in Oakland with their new spin on an old classic. They have something for pretty much everyone with their large range of macaroni dishes and don’t forget that they even offer gluten free and vegan noodles as well! Below you will find a short video reviewing the Homeroom vegan mac by a loyal fan. Enjoy~

SF Chronicle

Homeroom has definitely caught the attention of the media in the recent years which has helped bring curious customers from all over the bay area! Check out this posting from the SF Chronicle giving Homeroom an A+ or this poll awarding Homeroom the “best new restaurant” which it won during its opening year.

They also won the award for best sandwich cookie!


Voice over (text)

And here is the text version of the audio recording found below this post!

“Hi guys, my name is Vanessa Delgado and for my documentary piece, I hope to tell the inspirational story about two women, Allison Arevalo, and Erin Wade, who were both working dull corporate jobs while dreaming of bigger and better things. They were putting their real aspirations in life on the back burner until they met one faithful day and came to realize that they wanted more out of their lives than pant suits and staplers; they had a passion for food!

They put everything on the line by quitting their cushy corporate jobs and using all of their life savings in order to open Homeroom right here in Oakland.In case you don’t know, Homeroom is located at 40th and Broadway and is a mere 3 milesaway from campus. It is host to an all-exclusive macaroni and cheese menu as well as an adorable classroom theme.

Their tiny restaurant quickly grew in popularity and is now considered a local hotspot. I want to share their success story with others in order to prove that we don’t have to fall into the corporate life in order to be successful and that you can think outside of the box…of mac and cheese that is.”


Voice over

Hey guys!

Below you will find my audio file for my core concept and hopefully it will give you a little more insight about my project and it’s future.

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You’re Doing It All Wrong!!

Oh boy. I’m sure we all love the delicious cheesy noodle fiesta that comes in each Homeroom dish and would love to recreate these yummy meals at home, but try as we might it never comes out exactly right. Enjoy this how-to video starring the ladies of Homeroom and discover step by step how to create a perfect creamy mac at home 😀


B is for Beer

B is for beer

Not only does Homeroom have your daily dose of delicious mac, but they are also hosts to a variety of brilliant local beers! One of which has a close connection to the Homeroom family. The Lucky Devil Brewing Company was started by the sister and brother-in-law of a Homeroom employee and is one of the only restaurants to stock the beer exclusively. 

Try pairing the beer with the Macximus mac for a savory combo!


History of Mac and Cheese Part 4

While digging around in the history of macaroni and cheese, I found quite an interesting theory regarding one of our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson. He was known as a well educated man who had a taste for the fancier things in life such as food, and more specifically Parmesan cheese.


Once an established ambassador in France, he spent much of his free time researching European technologies that may be beneficial to the young union of American states back home. One such idea was that of the steam powered cheese grater.

In 1787 Thomas Jefferson set off on a 1200-mile journey to southern France and northern Italy to study viticulture, rice production and the making of Parmesan cheese.

Cheese Cupid

Who says that mac and cheese is only for kids? Definitely not the owners of Homeroom! Not only do they serve delicious mac n’ cheese plates, but they also have an amazing collection of wines and beers available for us, “grown ups.” In case you aren’t a super savvy wino but would love to find the perfect pair to your cheesy meal, here is a site that will do just that!  Go to Cheese Cupid



Source: Cheese Society

Where Does the Deliciousness Come From?

Any good mac n’ cheese has to begin with picking the perfect cheese, and for the girls of Homeroom they found their match over at Fiscalini Farmstead.




Fiscalicheeseni Farms is a state-of-the-art dairy facility located in Modesto, literally next door to Fiscalini Cheese Company. Only milk from their own dairy farm is used to make their cheese, thus producing a farmstead cheese.

At Fiscalini Farms, the health and happiness of their herd of registered Holsteins and Jerseys cows is their life, and they actively strive to keep them comfortable and healthy.

You can learn more about Fiscalini Farmstead at their website here