Ideas for Documentary

1.Homeroom: Seriously, the BEST mac n cheese I have ever had. Homeroom is a quaint little restaurant right off Broadway and 40th in Oakland that serves nothing but macaroni and cheese. I would love to create a documentary that shows everyone their story and explains why they are so popular.


2. Cupcakery: They have been growing in popularity over the recent years and seem to be sprouting in cities everywhere! I think it would be really interesting to do a documentary about these cute little shops and see behind the scenes the kind of work that goes into creating these unique and delicious treats. My father is a chef and does some baking as well, which is why I would be very interested in pitching this idea for a documentary. And I mean come on, no one hates cupcakes.


3. Online Dating Apps: Can love really be found as easily as the click of a button? With sites like Grinder, Tinder, and OKCupid apparently it can. Numerous people use these such sites on a daily basis as opposed to the more “traditional” dating methods and I would love to do a documentary on the pros and cons of using these sites since we seem to be a generation of adults becoming more and more intertwined in living in a virtual world. I can admit that I too become too caught up in “the virtual world” at times and feel that most people have a deeper connection with their phones than they do with other people now a days which is why I feel connected to this topic.


4. Pet Adoption v Purebreeds: Having worked as a veterinary technician for a majority of my adult life I feel very passionate about adoption over buying from a breeder. Often times these puppies are terribly unhealthy (though adorable) due to countless inbreeding of the adults yet for some reason our society seems to believe that buying “pure breeds” = super pets. I would like to do a documentary in order to educate people on the real facts of what breeding actually is and why shelter pets are some of the most loving and best pets.

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  1. It looks like you haven’t added anything to your site since before the Thanksgiving break. I’m not seeing your collage, or your project proposal, and I don’t see your logo yet either.

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