Ideas for Documentary

1.Homeroom: Seriously, the BEST mac n cheese I have ever had. Homeroom is a quaint little restaurant right off Broadway and 40th in Oakland that serves nothing but macaroni and cheese. I would love to create a documentary that shows everyone their story and explains why they are so popular.


2. Cupcakery: They have been growing in popularity over the recent years and seem to be sprouting in cities everywhere! I think it would be really interesting to do a documentary about these cute little shops and see behind the scenes the kind of work that goes into creating these unique and delicious treats. My father is a chef and does some baking as well, which is why I would be very interested in pitching this idea for a documentary. And I mean come on, no one hates cupcakes.


3. Online Dating Apps: Can love really be found as easily as the click of a button? With sites like Grinder, Tinder, and OKCupid apparently it can. Numerous people use these such sites on a daily basis as opposed to the more “traditional” dating methods and I would love to do a documentary on the pros and cons of using these sites since we seem to be a generation of adults becoming more and more intertwined in living in a virtual world. I can admit that I too become too caught up in “the virtual world” at times and feel that most people have a deeper connection with their phones than they do with other people now a days which is why I feel connected to this topic.


4. Pet Adoption v Purebreeds: Having worked as a veterinary technician for a majority of my adult life I feel very passionate about adoption over buying from a breeder. Often times these puppies are terribly unhealthy (though adorable) due to countless inbreeding of the adults yet for some reason our society seems to believe that buying “pure breeds” = super pets. I would like to do a documentary in order to educate people on the real facts of what breeding actually is and why shelter pets are some of the most loving and best pets.

“Moostache” Cookie



Since my last two posts have been expressing more of my “serious” side I thought I would include this picture to show more of the side people see more often: my silly goofy side. My creativity isn’t limited to just pen and paper, I often like to express myself in all aspects of my life, even the food I eat! I found some adorable cookie cutters during a trip to IKEA and decided to put them to good use with the addition of some very cute mustache decorations and VOILA- the mysterious and adorable Moostache was born!

First Short Movie



Above is a movie poster about a short film I had a hand in creating while attending Ex’pression College. It is currently hanging in the hallway in the north campus building. It is about one sock’s journey to reunite with it’s match after having been forgotten in the dryer. After having done this project I am one step closer to achieving my goal of becoming an animator :3

Hello Everyone

Here is a little something about myself I recorded today at the Ex’pression College campus using a zoom audio recorder.

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Ballerina Acrylic Painting



As I said in my last post, I have dabbled in both oil and acrylic paint. The image above is an example of a painting I did for an assignment in the Design Basics class at Ex’pression College. It is one of my most recent paintings and one I was very happy with when I finished.


About Moi


My name is Vanessa and I am a 22 year old artist, gamer, and cat lover currently living in Oakland Ca. I was originally born and raised in the quaint little city of Santa Rosa and recently moved to this area about a year ago in order to live the “big city” life and attend college. As a kid, I was often infatuated with many Disney and Pixar films as well as countless video games like Super Mario, Final Fantasy, and of course Pokemon. I guess you can say I was a bit of a tom boy since most other girls my age would have rather picked up a Barbie than a console. This passion of mine followed me and grew as I got older, and finally led me to Ex’pression College where I hope to finally be a part of the world I loved so dearly growing up. Creatively, I am inspired and driven by more things than I can list. Though, if I had to list a few I suppose it would include things like my favorite modern artists (Lora Zombie and Glen Arthur), creative animated shows like Adventure Time or Bee and Puppycat, and vivd mind blowing games like Destiny, Fallout, and Watch Dogs. To say that I would be ecstatic to be a part of the making of these things would probably be the understatement of forever. In ten years I would love to make my goals come to life and work for a company like Tell Tale Games, 2k, or Ubisoft. Currently, I sketch using pencil and paint in both oil and acrylic. Drawing using digital media is a little new to me, but I soon hope to learn and add it to my skill set 😀