Final Cut

Here is our finished piece for Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese!! 😀

Thank you a million times over to everyone who was a part of this project and gave us time out of their busy schedules, we couldn’t have done it without you.


Rough Cut Feedback

After having the rough cut of our documentary viewed we received quite a mouthful of critique. One major issue we will fix is the confusion of figuring out which woman is Alison and which woman is Erin. Another suggestion that arose was to incorporate homeroom and the mac and cheese just a little bit more in order to show what made Erin and Alison so successful. When introducing our documentary we were given the suggestion to create an atmosphere first and then delve into the story of Alison and Erin. We have a lot to fix but overall we were told that the rough cut was well structured. We look forward to using this critique and creating an outstanding documentary.

Intro and Conclusion Ideas


For the introduction, we plan on opening the film to a quote from Erin Wade and Alison Arevalo in which they state how miserable they were, working as an attorney and marketer respectively. There will also be cuts of interview footage from their husbands describing their wives attitudes after a long day at work; terrible. Erin and Alison then go on to explain that they had experienced family as well as social pressures when it came time to choose their career paths regardless of where their true passions in life were: food, cooking, and restaurants. B-roll footage of cook books and Oakland restaurants will be playing as they speak. A time lapse of a flower withering will also be used as B-roll to show how their passions were ignored in order to pursue a more traditional and secure job. We want to portray the fact that although they were deemed “successful” in their careers, they were unfulfilled in their hearts. Interview footage of Alison and Erin will resume playing as they continue and state that there really aren’t many role models in the food industry, let alone female role models.

We will then construct the story of how Alison and Erin met through the combined footage of Alison, Alejandro, Erin, and Uri. A photograph of Bittersweet cafe, where the four first met, will be shown. The camera will then return to an interview of Erin in which she describes how she was fired from her job as an attorney and then decides to call Alison. The two then decide to become partners in the opening of a restaurant, and it is here where our story really begins; cue title.



We plan to conclude our documentary with images and video that reinforce how Alison and Erin broke away from the normal work convention, beat the odds, and became successful doing something they love. We will start the conclusion with Alison’s husband telling us that they never dreamed they would become this successful. Then it will move into both the husbands telling us how Erin and Alison are happier in general now than they were with their old jobs. As the conclusion wraps up we will hear Erin asking us why we are alive and telling us to pursue our dreams. Ending the conclusion we will hear a quote from one of the employees and see some pictures backing up their success. We want the audience to walk away feeling empowered and capable of overcoming the hurdles that have been preventing them from pursuing their own dreams.

Interview Questions

Below you can find a list of some of the questions we planned on using for our interviews with Alison, Erin, and their family. We were able to get some really thoughtful and amazing responses! Look forward to hearing from them in our upcoming documentary~

  1. What kind of person is Alison/Erin? What can you tell me about her personality?
  2. How would you describe Erin/Alison’s relationship with her work when she was still a marketer?
  3. How would you describe it now, with Homeroom?
  4. Can you tell us about the day that Alison/Erin came home and told you she planned on opening a restaurant?
  5. How have your expectations for the restaurant evolved since it first opened, were you expecting it to be as popular as it has become?
  6. Opening a restaurant is a major commitment, what would you say is the biggest adjustment your family has had to make since making such a huge decision?
  7. What would you say to someone on the border of pursuing their dreams and staying in their mundane career?
  8. Can you recall a time when you thought to yourself, “Oh God, what have we gotten ourselves into?”
  9. Thinking back to the fateful day when you met Erin/Alison and her husband, how would you describe the encounter from your point of view?
  10. Do you ever wonder what your lives would be like now if perhaps the two of you had decided to go to a different restaurant that day? If Alison/Erin was still working as a marketer/attorney?
  11. Rewinding a bit back to when Homeroom was still “Little Mac”, McDonalds threatened to sue over the rights to the name, at that point what were your thoughts on the restaurant?
  12. How did you feel with their decision to change the name?
  13. Were you present during opening day? If so what was that day like?
  14. How has Homeroom changed your life since it opened?

Story Elements

Narrative Spine: Driving our film forward is the compelling story of Alison and Erin and their passion and hard work that got them to where they are today.

Main Characters: Alison and Erin are the main characters and the focus of this film. We already have plenty of typical interview footage and in order to spice this up we are going to get separate footage of them being theirselves without realizing they are being filmed. This way we can see them without the pressure of being on camera.

Conflict: The main conflict in Alison and Erin’s story is the risk of quitting their jobs and pushing past family expectations in order to follow their passion.

Change: The change we are looking to unfold in this documentary is the difference in Alison and Erin’s quality of life going from a typical boring job to living out their passion every day.

Inciting Incident: The inciting incident/ point of entry for our film will be how Alison and Erin met by complete chance at a small cafe.

Issues: The only issue we will come across when trying to make our film visually strong is getting interesting footage of Erin and Alison. We look forward to figuring out creative ways to portray them in the best way possible.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese


Thanks to the votes of my fellow Living in a Media World 2 class, I will be joined by Alyssa Harn, Mario Gallegos, and Debbie Nitka in the creation of Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese which will be a documentary about Alison Arevalo and Erin Wade, co-owners of Homeroom.

Our team name is Curds of Prey.

The story we will be telling is that of Alison Arevalo and Erin Wade, both successful business women, who quit their careers in order to follow their dream of opening a macaroni and cheese restaurant right here in Oakland, CA.

Our approach towards this project will include a poetic use of music, photos, and texts. We plan on using a mixture of observational and expository views as well as narratives and voiceovers in order to further our story. As far as sound design goes, we plan on creating an upbeat and overall cheerful tone to our piece especially when it comes to footage of the lively Homeroom customers.

Some obligatories that will be included in our piece include photos and interviews of the owners themselves, their dishes, customers, and the restaurant.

Our group also plans on including interviews with staff, customers, and family members of the dynamic duo in order to get further insight as to the origins and present success created by Alison and Erin.