In recognition of outstanding academic achievement, students who achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.60 or higher at the end of their semester will be named to the Dean’s List. Congratulations students!

Semester 1411P (1411, 1501)
AVEVanessa Delgado*

Angelica Claudio

Lynn Donahue

Robert Farley

Stefani Gelardi

Alyssa Harn

Diane Hoang*

Thomas Moore

Selania Reed

Oscar San Miguel

Wen Zheng*

DFKatherine Atkinson*

Taylor Baldschun*

Zachary Goldstein*

Anthony Paulley

Garett Sauer*

Tania Yeo*






IAGerald Antoine*

Jay Mohan



Jacob Rice*

SASamuel Gearing

Jasmine Haynes

Hannah Nelly

Johanna Olson


Semester 1501 (1501, 1503)

Weston Bahr

Hayoung Jo

Jennifer Vanmeter



Robert Fuller*



Diana Kahler

Georgianna Kobyluch

Nathaniel Nelson

Schuyler Rice

Michael Tam*

IAAndrew Bertolini*

Alfonso Martinez



Nick Bizzack

Eric Burnett

Zachary Colton

Luke Davisson

Kristy Edgerton

Grant Loving

Jacob Pryor

Nicholas Seils

David Whitmer

SABryce Adams*

Jeff Anderson*

Grace Coleman*

Peter Farr*

Matthew Goderre*

Adonijah Green

Joseph Rossovich*

Jesse Tarver

* Indicates student has been on the Dean’s List for three consecutive semesters or more.

Dean’s List FAQ

[expand title=”What is a Parent Semester?” tag=”strong”]

A semester is two consecutive terms based on a student’s start date. For example, a student who started in Term 1209 (September 2012) will have a parent semester called 1209P consisting of 1209 and 1211. The next parent semester would be 1301P (1301, 1303).


[expand title=”Where can I see what my semesters are?” tag=”strong”]

After logging in to Portal, look under “Academics” and click on “View My Grades.” Under the “Filter Grades by Term” you will see options for different Terms, ex. “Parent September 13, 2012 to January 14, 2013”. You will then see what classes are included in that semester.


[expand title=”How often are GPAs checked to determine the Dean’s List?” tag=”strong”]

GPAs are checked at the end of a student’s semester by the Registrar’s Office.


[expand title=”How often can I appear on the Dean’s List?” tag=”strong”]

A student will remain on the Dean’s List as long as their cumulative GPA is 3.60 or higher at the end of their semesters. A student has the potential to be on the Dean’s List their entire career at Ex’pression as long as they maintain above a 3.60.


[expand title=”What are the benefits to being on the Dean’s List?” tag=”strong”]

Students who are on the Dean’s List may include the fact on their resume.

Students who have a GPA of 3.60 or higher at the time of graduation will be given a cord at the Graduation Ceremony and have their name marked as “Graduating with Honors” in the Program.

Students “Graduating with Honors” will also be given membership to the Delta Sigma of California Chapter of the Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society. For more information about the ABK Honor Society, please visit