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My name is David Rosales, I joined Expression College to expand my art skills and learn how to animate professionally. There are many things that get my creative juices flowing, those being comic books, cartoons, movies, life and the people around me. 10 years from now aside from having a well payed job I just want to be happy with the status that I will be in. Some people that influence me are Joe Quesada, Skottie young, Joe Mad, Seth mcfarlene and Frank cho. These people influence me because they create everything that I love. Comics, cartoons, super heroes and great action shots are what I love to draw and create. http://instagram.com/davidrdraws

Hello Dear reader, I am Cesar Vigil.  Currently I am a animation and visual effects student at Expression College. As an artist and aspiring animator I owe comics for the artistic inspiration they provided me from a young age. Through his own efforts, Enrique Morales has managed to raise over $1000 to fund the production of his original comic: “Specter X” The admirable ambition of this young writer is worthy of this short documentary, the possibility of this documentary being supplemental to Enrique’s mission is also an intriguing factor to the making of this documentary.

Cheers comic book fans! Have you heard of Specter X? He is the latest and greatest superhero to call the Bay Area home. I, Alex Spencer, was unaware of Specter X until David unveiled this project in late 2013. As a comic book novice, this project piques my interest because we are given the opportunity to help Specter X gain notoriety as a bonafide superhero. Our hope is that this documentary will aid Enrique and Jason in securing a publishing contract for Specter X. As a sound arts student here at Expression, I will assume the role of audio production captain for this documentary team.

Hey my name is Jordan Cutts and I am a student at Ex’pression looking towards my major: Animation and Visual Effects. Animation, art, all forms of media for the matter, has always intrigued me as well as many of the students also attending Ex’pression. Currently, I alongside David, Cesar, and Alex have been directing our focus towards Enrique as he goes through the struggle of writing, funding, and publishing his very own comic: Specter X. An ambitious goal, but through his hardships we’ll be there to tell his story, and ultimately create a feature length documentary. Within our group, I will be a lead editor for specials effects, animation, and alike. We have an entire story ahead of us, and I anticipate every step of the way.

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