Inspirational Artist: Frank Cho

savage-wolverine-5-cover-frank-cho tumblr_mnl1sbttjo1rcsnl1o1_1280livro-frank-cho-women-selected-drawings-illustrations_MLB-F-4532533467_062013 Frank Cho has got to be one of the most talented Comic book artist making comics right now. The work he does blows me away. Frank is most known for his skills at drawing beautiful women. One of his recent works have been on the first five issues of Savage Wolverine which are the first two images posted above. Frank cho has done a number of drawing books and has his own comic strip titled Liberty Meadows. His official website is

My own experience as a comic book artist

20131208-224237.jpg 20131208-224210.jpgMy love for comics came from my ability to draw. I loved and admired professional comic book artist because they were able to start and complete so many issues. I would always start on a page or two but I never got around to completing the whole thing. Above is a mini comic book that i created and proudly completed. This comic took me a lot of work and i can’t imagine the stress that most professional artist have that do this for a living. That goes to show that you really need to have a love for comics to be consistent in your work.

Kadari Shortridge and Victor Murillo Interview

I visited my local comic book store and came across two very loyal comic book collectors. Given that they aren’t comic book ARTIST I was only able to ask them questions on how they feel about the culture in comic books today.

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Inspirational Artist: Joey Vazquez

superior_spiderman_practice_page_two_by_joeyvazquez-d6dvfbq spider_man_markers_by_joeyvazquez-d6uw7ieJoey Vazquez is a 20 year old professional comic artist/graphic designer. Joey is a huge inspiration for my own art. I am only 18 soon to be 19 and the level that joey is at is one that I can only dream of achieving. I hope to get in contact with Joey and see if I can get an interview with him to talk about his perspective of comics. I have posted a link to his deviant art.