Final Critique Suggestions

-Intro, body, conflict are all present. good job.

-Epilogue dialogue and writing need to be separate

-VO and lower thirds work well.

-Who is Sterling?

-SFX of comics.

-Disguise weaknesses

-Not being able to get in touch with Jason isn’t a necessary component

-Hispanic background can be played up more.

-Single out Specter-X as latino amongst white superheros

-Core concept is not concrete.

-Start wide with “comic book publishing is tough,” narrow in on Enrique

Interview Questions for Enrique

About Enrique:

How did you become a comic book fan?

How did you get your start writing stories?

When did you decide to begin writing for comic books?

How did you and your artist meet?

About Specter-X:

Who is Specter-X?

How did you come up with him?

What makes him unique?

Who is/are his nemesis?

Who are you writing Specter-X for?

What are your plans if Specter-X becomes successful?

What are your plans if it does not?


The Approach

We will approach this film with the intention of showing Enrique’s¬†real life struggles with getting Specter-X funded and published. Enrique will discuss his past, current, and future obstacles within the context of his life and Specter-X’s life. Use of cinema verite with poetic shots, motion graphics, and voiceover, as well as an expository look at comic book readers and retailers can be expected.

Update on my video pitch.

My video looks to be complete. I have two interviews, one with a writer and artist. I’ve added tons of photos, some that I have taken and others from the internet. Along with that I have music and some special effects that match the theme to my story. I added a screenshot of my editing on Final Cut.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 2.03.40 PM

Interview with a comic book writer!

Yesterday I met up with a comic book writer Enrique Morales. He is working on a new comic book called Specter-X. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to interview the artist of the comic book. none the less Enrique gave me good footage to put on my site. Once edited I will upload some of the highlights from our interview.

Enrique has a deviantart for his comic strips he has done and a gofundme account to help raise money for his Specter-X comic