The Score: Music In Video Games Treatment

The Score: Music In Video Games Treatment

The scene opens to a black screen and all you hear is different clips of music from key videogames starting from the very first games to the most recent. Shortly after a voice over comes in and says “Did any of these songs remind you of anything? They should have reminded you of certain video games you have played, which means the people who made these songs did their job right.” The voice goes on to explain how music is a key component in video games and creating a great experience in the game.

Then the video will then begin to go through the history of music in videogames beginning with early games such as tetris and end with more recent games like Halo 4. The video will go into detail about when each game was created and how its music was influential and innovative for the time.

After the history portion of the video will go into the cultural aspect and how a culture surrounding videogame music has been growing more and more over the past years. Remixes of video game songs, orchestras dedicated to playing symphonic versions of videogame music live, and how the music has inspired people in different ways. This will include interviews with major sound engineers who explained how and why they got into making sound for video games.

The video will then begin to describe the Industry side of videogame music, companies dedicated to making sound for video games, programs used to make sound for video games, how the music changed with new developments in technology and what roles music has in certain video games. Then we will go into the process of composing music for videogames and the sound design aspect of it which will also feature interviews with sound engineers who have worked on major games throughout the years.

The documentary will close with summarizing what videogames are today and all the new and exciting things to look forward to in the realm of video game music.

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