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The Score: Music in Video Games

This documentary explains from the beginning to the end what role video game music has and still plays in a video game experience. It opens up with a brief comment on what role game music plays and then continues on to talk about how game music was composed and what it sounded like when games first came out. Then it goes on to talk about what game music is like today and how it’s evolved. Afterwards, the film will show some examples of what music video games is socially. The finale of the movie is a wrap up of everything that was talked about.
Spencer Nilsen explains what game music was like when games first came out. He describes how the technology was and how that limited their ability to compose grandiose scores for a game. He says, although that was limiting, it required them to be more creative with sounds and it happened that they created unique sounds and songs for each character. Instead of it being one long loud score constantly playing in the back, it was more specific to the character.
Wilbert roget goes on to say how much game music has changed. How it’s now all about full scores and orchestras. How it’s loud and exciting and it has evolved to some impressive scoring. He states that it’s not as quirky as it used to be but composers are now doing some interesting things with game music, and using a variety of sources to create their sound tracks. He also adds on how much a single song affected the fans of a game, and how everyone wants to imitate or remix the song.
Jason, from The Made, goes to explain what kind of role game music plays socially. He describes chiptunes and youtube fan based videos and song remixes. The movie will show clips of each topic he describes, giving examples of fan based projects. It shows how much game music has impacted society and fans. It even shows how sometimes the songs are more interesting and memorable than the game itself.

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