Here is a short film showing the inside of game music:



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Music in a video game has been a necessity since day one. We’ve come from 8-bit sounds being put together to form a song for a cute little pizza guy running around eating dots to full orchestrated sound tracks from some of the best musicians in the world. It’s amazing to me the level of significance a song can have in a game.

Why is music in a game so important? A lot of people spend hours on certain video games so it is important to have a soundtrack that keeps them intrigued. From personal experience, music has always been the one thing that has stuck out to me in a game. When I’m in an alternate reality, I want to hear epic soundtracks playing in the background or silly little songs to entertain me. I will be expanding more on this question asking regular gamers the importance of music to them and also interviewing people in the industry for their opinion.

How has music in gaming changed? I’m really curious as to why and how music has changed in games over the years. I want to see if the changes are because of the advancement of technology or because it has become a desire to have impressive sound tracks. Maybe a little of both?

This first track is the Zelda Theme Song. It is completely performed on digital sounds and replication of brass instruments. Meaning, it’s all done on the computer.


This second track is from World of Warcraft. A more recent game than Zelda. Sound track is composed of a full orchestra and choir.


What is the industry like for musicians in gaming? There are many people in the gaming industry who are programming music that aren’t actually musicians. I’ve talked to the head music coordinator for Blizzard, and he himself was intrigued that I wanted to compose or program soundtracks for games. He mentioned that it’s rare to find a person who knows music to be in the game world. I know the video game industry is rough for various reasons, but I’d like to believe that the music side of gaming is separate from the rest. I could be wrong though. I will be hopefully interviewing a few companies to find out a little more about the gaming work world.

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