About The Project

The purpose of this project is to inform the average consumer of what goes into making a video game, from start to finish.

When you go to a restaurant and order steak made by a professional chef, you may not know exactly the amount of  bbq sauce he used, or how long he  cooked it for, but you have a basic understanding of how he cooked it.

It’s how you know you are being ripped off when you order a freshly cooked steak, and instead the chef just reheats some leftovers from the night before and plates them for you. You wouldn’t accept the meal, you’d ask for a new one, a refund, or maybe even walk out on your meal.

While it may be a silly example, it illustrates why so many avid gamers get frustrated when everyone buys into the latest Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed game. People don’t realize, or don’t care that they’re just “reheating” last years game. Maybe putting some extra salt and fresh sauce on it, but underneath it’s the same microwaved rubbery meat that you’ve already played.

I strongly believe that the disconnect between consumer knowledge, and developer’s jobs is having strong, negative repercussions in the games industry. Not just for developers, but games as a whole. If people don’t know what it takes to make a video game, how can they provide valid feedback or criticism?

My project will attempt to solve this disconnect by explaining how games are made. I’ll interview several developers, and let them explain their own process of making a game, and the big misconceptions that people have about their job(s).