Short film ideas.

I’ve got a general theme that I know I want my project to follow, but I’m not quite sure at what angle I’d like to attack it from. In general, people understand how a movie is made. They know there are cameras, actors, teams of people, editors. writers and directors. Obviously there are far more people involved, but the average consumerĀ hasĀ a pretty good understanding. With video games, the average consumer has no idea how they’re made. They might know that there’s a programmer of some kind involved, but knowledge of game development seems to end there for most people.

I strongly believe that this disconnect is having massive repercussions in the gaming industry, and is negatively impacting development, and developers as a whole.

As far as my ideas for a short documentary go, I know I want it to be related to game development. I originally thought of interviewing some developers and asking the general question of what gaming means to them. Why do they develop games, what got them into gaming and subsequently development. I also think it might be interesting to combine that with what they think more people should know about their job.

I think my project could go one of two ways. One being, “People learning about the devs and their work/passion.” The second being, “Devs teaching people about their work/passion.” They’ll both be fairly similar, but I think they’ll have a massive difference in the effect the project will have on the viewer.