Short film ideas.

I’ve got a general theme that I know I want my project to follow, but I’m not quite sure at what angle I’d like to attack it from. In general, people understand how a movie is made. They know there are cameras, actors, teams of people, editors. writers and directors. Obviously there are far more people involved, but the average consumer has a pretty good understanding. With video games, the average consumer has no idea how they’re made. They might know that there’s a programmer of some kind involved, but knowledge of game development seems to end there for most people.

I strongly believe that this disconnect is having massive repercussions in the gaming industry, and is negatively impacting development, and developers as a whole.

As far as my ideas for a short documentary go, I know I want it to be related to game development. I originally thought of interviewing some developers and asking the general question of what gaming means to them. Why do they develop games, what got them into gaming and subsequently development. I also think it might be interesting to combine that with what they think more people should know about their job.

I think my project could go one of two ways. One being, “People learning about the devs and their work/passion.” The second being, “Devs teaching people about their work/passion.” They’ll both be fairly similar, but I think they’ll have a massive difference in the effect the project will have on the viewer.



A boy questions to take the dark or the light side when he reaches the crossroads.
A Boy In The Dark
A boy wandering through the darkness searching for the light.
Going Green
A boy going green, deciding that it’s time to take the first step into being eco friendly.
Feeling Blue
A boy in the blue abyss that is depression.
Orange You Glad I Walked Down This Hallway Instead Of Writing Another Shitty Title To Try and Prove How Deep I am?
Orange you glad I didn’t write another shitty title trying to prove how deep I am because I took some pictures and added a filter to them? #Deep


Here we have, “A Day in the Life of Hellen Keller.”

Here we have, “Boot-ylicious: From the Sole.”


I think these pictures and their captions, along with the audio files show that I look at the world through a different lens. I tried to use some basic photography principles in most of them, and get a distinct color palette out of each one, but there really isn’t a message behind them. Or is there?



The World’s Greatest Introductory Post About Anyone Ever.

My name is Cooper Jacklich, and spellcheck says that’s wrong. In fact, it might be my one and only pet peeve.

I found out about Ex’pression College the summer before I started highschool. I checked it out a bit and attended the game art and design summer camp a few weeks later. I was instantly hooked on game development and knew that this is where I wanted to go to college.

I have a strong desire to learn new technologies, and was raised by artists. It only makes sense that I would be attracted to digital arts in all of its forms. I’ve done everything from stop motion and pencil on paper drawing to programming and motion graphics. Knowing that I wanted to go to Ex’pression gave me a huge boost in motivation to learn. I figured that the more I knew going into college that I would be leaps and bounds ahead of where I was supposed to be when I graduate.

Ten years from now, I hope to be making the games that I want to make and pouring myself into my passions,

I’m inspired by so many different things and enjoy so many different disciplines that it’s impossible to say what my biggest influences are.

I’ve been commissioned for portraits, love drawing and digital painting, have made countless short stop motion videos, plenty of short films with friends, dabbled in animation and 3D modeling, used After Effects, Photoshop, and Flash for 3-4 years now, record gameplay videos with some of my best friends, along with learning to program in C# over the past year and producing two games and an app, I’ve become quite familiar with the Unity game engine and use it almost every day.

I’m interested in a lot of stuff, and the hardest part is deciding what to spend my time working on.