Here are some pictures from a game I made…

The game, “PLuTO” was made in 48 hours. Everything in it was created by me, the characters, scripts, animations, sounds, etc. etc.

I wanted to post this, to give myself a bit more credibility when I say that this topic means a lot to me. It’s not just because I like videogames and think it’d be cool to do the project on them. It’s because I want to work in the games industry, and I don’t want to work in a stagnant cesspool for making copycat games just to make a living.

When I say this topic means a lot to me, it’s because it truly does.

Typography Desk

Really wish I would’ve done more with this. I like the direction it’s heading in, but I can’t find a faster way to make the objects and it’s fairly time consuming for each item. I might try this again from scratch sometime.desk of words

If you can’t tell by reading the words on the image, I’ve attempted to make a bowl of fruit.

A better angle to watch someone code at?

I used a few friends as test subjects to see if I could find some interesting angles to watch someone use a computer from. Seeing as the project is about game development, and watching someone code isn’t that exciting, I need to use the camera and voiceover/music to make it more exciting.

Shameless self promotion!

Seeing as I can, I figured I might as well post the other random game things I’ve made.

Here’s the warmup game/mechanic testing thing I made before Ludum Dare 30.

Here’s a game I made last March, also over a weekend. It’s stylistically a clone of the Impossible game, but I think my gameplay is much harder. It’s on the Google Play store, so if you have an android device then you can download and play it for free.

Here’s DogeSpin. It has more downloads than the other games I’ve made combined. Plus a better rating. Maybe I should make a sequel to this…

My youtube channel, because all the cool kids have a gaming channel… Though I hope that I’ll soon be posting more videos of the games I’m working on.

And last but not least, my very own subreddit. Yes, that’s right folks. It’s all mine. I strictly keep that for posting about game dev stuff, and it gets updated far more often than my youtube channel does.

Game Jam?

Global Game Jam is going on right now! It’s a huge event where game developers all meet up in the same place, and try to make a game in 48 hours.

I realized after my last post that not everyone knows what a game jam is, so here ya go…

Ludum Dare! (Pronounced, “Loo-dum Darr-ay”) This is the game jam I participated in last August. I stayed up for around 42 hours straight, sleeping for 4, and then waking up for the final two hours to submit this. PLuTO. Its an incredibly challenging task, but I can’t recall ever having learned so much in such little time.

I think watching game jams could really help people understand how much work goes into creating a game in such little time.

For anyone interested, the 6.0 earthquake that hit was actually during the 36th hour of the competition! I was streaming development over the whole time up until I lost power, so I still have the recorded clip of the rumbling just before the blackout.

Here’s that video…

Also my game, if anyone wants to play that. Headphone users be warned, the music is quite loud.

Other potential interviewees…

Obviously I need to have a backup in case I can’t get a hold of Rob, or he’s busy and can’t make it.

I’ve made some friends and started some good relationships with other small indie developers. After participating in a few game jams and recording some gameplay for a few developers, I’ve made a few contacts who would probably love to help out with the project. I’m not sure where they live, and if it’d be within driving range to get a video interview, but I’m sure I could get ahold of a few of them over Skype.