I did an interview with my friend Minh. She was very awesome and helpful. I really appreciate her positive attitude and her experience she shared with me during the interview. She interned at and now landed a full time permanent position as an Account Associate.

Intern Stories

I keep seeing all these internship horror stories and i would like to share my AMAZING internship story with the world.

At my college, like many, I am required to do an internship before graduation. I am a communications major with a concentration in advertising and promotions, however at 22 I am still unsure about where I want to take my career. I was also unsure where I wanted to intern until I found this great new company called Super Interns.

Super Interns is a company that sells products to teach small businesses and large companies how to set up their own internship programs and work virtually with their interns. After my first lunch meeting with one of my supervisors I knew this was the place for me. From the beginning we talked about me, what i wanted to do and get out of this internship. My supervisor asked me what I was and was not interested in so that i was not stuck working on a project I had no interest in. At Super Interns they do not treat you like an intern they treat you like a valuable asset to their company. I was allowed to chose the projects I wanted to work on and chose my own job title.

After working on a few small promotional projects over the summer I became their blog coordinator, I alone am in charge of their blog and its an amazing opportunity. one of the best things about my internship is that I work virtually, I do everything from home, on my computer, on my own time. Everyone I work with has been great.

My supervisors are two of the smartest, motivated women I have ever met. They are always there for me when I have questions or need help with anything, from school to my resume. Everything about this experience has been so wonderful, I have learned so much in 3 short months and I feel more prepared to enter the real world thanks to Super Interns.

Bianca Hopkins of CT 5:33PM October 28, 2010

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At my office, owing to the perpetual shortage of office space, we generally put the summer interns in computer labs. The work environment in these labs can be a mixed bag. On the one hand, there’s plenty of room to move around, ’cause they tend to be spacious. On the other hand, there’s usually a load of computer equipment running, resulting in noise and heat (or, paradoxically, chill, if you happen to be sitting near an HVAC vent), not to mention a dearth of desk space.

But maybe the least pleasant part of it, or so I once thought, is that we might stuff a whole school of interns in one lab, packing them like sardines in a can. One year, when we’d given nine interns about four linear feet of desk space each in one of my labs, I went in to talk with them near the end of the summer. I asked them how they’d liked working with us, how happy they were with the projects they’d been given, what they thought of living in the New York City area, and that sort of thing. They had had a positive experience, overall.

Then I asked about the accommodations. “How about the office space? Pretty crammed in, hm?”

“No!” they said as one. “It’s great having all of us together like this. We really get to bond, and it’s good for working together.”

OK, so. What would be anathema to me was all to the students’ delight. Go figure.

Barry Leiba of NY 6:41PM May 07, 2008

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While there is a lot of talk of the ‘next generation’ being too coddled by their parents, I personally had two experiences with interns that shocked me into being a believer. They were never taught how to work, and they did not know that hard work translates into more responsibility.

One summer intern, who could not follow directions, told a full-timer that she would be nice to him when she was his boss. She didn’t last the summer.

The other, a journalism intern no less, didn’t see the importance of knowing how to spell correctly. It got to the point that he caused more work than what he contributed.

isabella of DC 10:59AM May 07, 2008

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Testimonials At Pixar Animation Studios

Technical Director Intern/Past Production Engineering Intern
University of Waterloo

“Why is Pixar sooo awesome? Well, at first, the excited I’m-still-in-College attitude prevails. There is free cereal, company parties, people riding around on scooters all day, random free Pixar swag, occasional celebrity sightings, free movie screenings… the list goes on and on. But when you stop for a moment to think, the coolest thing about this place is not all the extras. Don’t get me wrong – that stuff rocks – but there is a much more important reason why Pixar is so special.

Everyone here has their own magic moment, the time in their childhood when they saw an animated film and said, “Oh my gosh, that’s amazing. I need to do that with my life.” Everyone who works here wants to be here more than anywhere else in the entire world. Everyone wants to give (at least!) 110% of their love and energy to what we create here. The coolest thing about this place is that this attitude is also present at every level of management in the company. One day, we had lunch with Ed Catmull, the President and Co-Founder of Pixar. He told us that we are and always will be a storytelling company. Our job is to make timeless stories that inspire people, make them cry and make them laugh. We are not here to just make a quick buck.

When the intentions and goals of the entire company are so grand, Pixar becomes something MUCH more than just a job. It is much more than just a cool place to work. It is a place where you can live out your childhood dreams of storytelling and filmmaking, and know that your hard work is inspiring people of all ages, all over the world.”
Production Intern
University of California, Los Angeles

“My fondest internship memory was my first animation dailies. I saw Brad Bird sitting in the director’s chair as the animators filed into the screening room and thought, “Wow. I can’t believe I’m going to be working with the director who wrote one of my favorite Pixar films!” But what really blew my mind that morning was the beautiful work the animation department was producing. Every shot, even ones that were just seconds long, had to be meticulously animated. Sitting there listening to Brad’s comments was inspiring, to say the least. If you want to work with talented, funny, awesome people who take pride in their work and kick butt at ping pong, then Pixar is the place to be.”

Animation Intern
Ringling School of Art & Design

“I have a lot of great memories from the internship, between the friends that I made and the amount that I learned about production and animation. My favorite experience was being able to sit down with the animators one-on-one, talk to them about their work and watch them in their own creative process. This really opened my eyes to where I could improve and gave me a better perspective of how the animation process works in a studio setting. Getting to spend a summer surrounded by such a fun and talented group of people was more than inspiring, I was in a constant state of awe over the work being done around me.

I love how everyday here is unpredictable. There is always something happening, whether it is a lecture by a visiting artist, a screening of a Disney classic, or a new class being offered. Pixar understands that art is a lifetime learning process and in turn they are always providing an abundance of tools and research opportunities to help their artists grow.”

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Hollywood in the House

I Just reached out to my friend Bernard. He is more than happy to answer my questions and give me some insight on his experiences. He lives in Hollywood, so I’m debating doing a phone interview or possibly just text.

Hittin up my Folks

I reached out on my Facebook for some intern interviews. I lined up two interviews. I plan to record both sometime before the weekend. after some consideration and editing I realized my topic was too vague. I am now narrowing the field by asking Interns questions and what they did and how it changed them good or bad. I think the possibilities for some crazy stories are very good and i can’t wait to post my results.