Project Proposal (LMW2)

Basis of the Project

Our project is about documenting the process of designing two characters and creating a short 5-10 second animation. We are filming and following the “life” of a brand new character until it’s fully developed project at the end.

The approach of this documentary is participatory where the group interacts and talks about what they are working on. The overall feel and look is humorous with a behind the scenes organic and natural look. We are using different hand held and industry standard cameras to achieve this style of film.

The animation is a 5-10seconds in length created by Chloe Costa and Wen Zheng. It is a piece about two characters that each Chloe and Wen will design. This includes character sheets and video or audio recordings about the inspiration behind each character and what each artist was thinking. There are shots of each artist working and collaborating as a team to coordinate and stage the interaction between the two designed characters.

The audio and music is managed and composed by Brendan Edmonds. He makes sure the audio recordings are level and the music matches the overall direction of the documentary and short animation. His responsibility is to make these two different elements coordinate well.

Project Proposal

(LMW2) Final Cut Before Final Critique

(LMW2) Rough Cut: Character Design
The Story of a Hand Drawn Animation

(LMW1) Project Pitch: Character Design 
The Life of a hand drawn animation.

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