Final cut notes

The final animation and the ending music was well liked, and the b-roll was the best parts to watch of the film.

On the interviews, the background was well liked, it was blurred enough to not distract from the foreground but the audience still knew what it was.

The intro (After effects) is a mixed review, it looked good but it was not in the same theme as the film and it need to be placed better to separate it from the film. Fade out on the wolf picture, and change the font on “Team Chloe productions”.

The low resolution clips of the animation films does not match the quality of the rest of the film. Make them smaller to increase the resolution or source better quality footage.

Suggestions was made to show more of the progression of the animation within the body of the film. The intro could also include a explanation of how long an full length can take to produce compared to the one we made.

If possible, include more footage of Thierry and Arne.


The intro could have a softer opening for example a short montage and/or dialogue (who doesn’t like animation…) before chloe starts taking about the project.

The end felt to quick after showing the final animation, suggestions could be to show the animation again, loop it, slow motion it or add effects.

Lower thirds need to have more information under the title such as addressing us as students and arne as an instructor.

Could use some extreme close ups of some pencil lead on paper, a line being erased, a pencil being sharpened. The environment of an animator.

Mirror some interviews so some of them are on the other side, they seem too much of the same at the moment.

Cut out some of the black fade outs.

Better explanation of how animation works and what we are doing for people who do not know.

Could probably use a short montage in the body.

Give the audience a anticipation on the reveal of the final animation (build up to it).

At the end interviews talk more about the project, time it took, etc…


B roll was the best footage to watch so more b roll is recommended.

Be more clear on what we are doing.

The music was good at the end, and more of those type of music throughout the film will be good.

There are some variation in color in the film, color correct the film into on similar tone.

Interviews at the end are too long, there was long pauses that need to be cut out, but overall shorten the end interviews.


Project Approach (LMW2)


In LWM 1 The project was focused on recording and gathering material for the project pitch for LMW2. The research for the LMW1 project was about recording one person working on a character portfolio and documenting the time and effort it took to develop short animations. In LMW2 our group will be doing this on a larger scale with a team to creature a animated short.


Our project is about documenting the process of designing a character and creating a short 5 second animation. We are filming and following the “life” of a brand new character until it’s fully developed project at the end.

What goes into the project
-Comments from the group members about their “real time” thoughts and experiences during the process (Natural and organic film approach)
-Photographs and film of the group working and interacting/collaborating
-Interviews from people in the field
-What makes up the industry “pipeline” of a company such as pixar or Dream Works
-Background to what it takes to make a character


Project Research (LMW1)

These are topics that I’m going to cover for interviews and research.

  • What makes a strong character (Interviews different perspectives)
  • Silent animations / Strong storytelling / Storyboarding
  • The uncanny valley
  • The history or background of character creation
  • History of storytelling
  • Why do you like creating characters? What do you get out of it? What does it mean to you?

Everyone is a Character Designer (LMW1)

What Defines a Concept/Character Designer?

Zikx Ref

Like many artists who love to draw, character design starts as early as the first day you pick up a pencil. Even further back would be when you’re little playing with your toys or friends. You instantly immerse yourself in their world. Whether you’re looking down at your toys and directing their lives similar to a play or the hero in your own story, people are always creating and fabricating worlds and characters. You don’t have to be an “artist” to design a character. (May be turning this into an audio recording.)

Wasabi ref

Character designs, drawings and concepts done by Chloe Costa.