Intro and Conclusion (LMW2)

The best guess for the introduction is to open with some rough animation of the characters we design or play through the whole animation and then work backwards. “These are our characters and this is their story.” A quick rewind of footage that we’ve collected and stop at a brainstorming session. Possibly tied in with either a voice over or just footage of one of the group members talking (Some quote) shots of Wen or Chloe drawing their characters. Individual interviews of what Wen and Chloe were thinking about when they were designing their characters.

-Footage of Chloe and Wen drawing
-Footage of Brendan working
-Individual interviews of the background of how the characters were designed and came into being
-Individual interviews that show what each member thinks the process will go.
-Individual interviews that show thought of the whole process at the end to compare and contrast from the first interviews
-Individual interviews of the background of each person in the group discussion about their connection to what they are doing.
Example: Talk about your “relationship” with audio. When did you decide audio is what you wanted to do? When did you find out you loved working with audio, the “this is it!” moment.
-Photos of the drawings
-Photos of the early designs that didn’t make it
-Photos of the animation
-Photos or film of the program that we’re animating on
-Photos or film of the room we’re working in
-Film of the animation
-Comments about our distress/natural comments during the working process
Example// Chloe: “Why am I being punished in this way?”
-Voice overs of the group members talking about
-Interviews from professionals who have been in the field. What they went through and techniques they used to design and stage their own character and animation processes (Emphasis that the time it takes is normal)

Reflection of the whole process from all three members. Would they do it again? What did they learn from it? What would they have done differently? Close with either images or footage of the characters.