Project Approach (LMW2)


In LWM 1 The project was focused on recording and gathering material for the project pitch for LMW2. The research for the LMW1 project was about recording one person working on a character portfolio and documenting the time and effort it took to develop short animations. In LMW2 our group will be doing this on a larger scale with a team to creature a animated short.


Our project is about documenting the process of designing a character and creating a short 5 second animation. We are filming and following the “life” of a brand new character until it’s fully developed project at the end.

What goes into the project
-Comments from the group members about their “real time” thoughts and experiences during the process (Natural and organic film approach)
-Photographs and film of the group working and interacting/collaborating
-Interviews from people in the field
-What makes up the industry “pipeline” of a company such as pixar or Dream Works
-Background to what it takes to make a character