Project Pitch: Character Design (LMW1)

It’s about that time again, the end of the term, and that means final project time. Here is the fruit of my labor. It’s been real. It’s been fun. It’s been real fun. Onwards to voting.

Character Design
The life of a hand drawn animation.

It was a very good learning experience for me and I was able to take on a project that was relevant to me. While it was super stressful most days it was just as equally enjoyable and worth the effort.

One thought on “Project Pitch: Character Design (LMW1)

  1. I really like the way your project has developed. I think it’s really interesting to focus on the process of character creation from the perspective of someone who is just starting their studies in animation. Somebody mentioned that you remind them a lot of your character, and I think you should use that to discuss how much of the creator goes into the character.

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