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How to Job Search

Thoroughly, research the company you are applying to. If you have knowledge about the company, what they do, including products, and who the key employees are this will be helpful to you in an interview. Make sure you take a look at the company’s website and delve in to their culture. From there, find like-mindedness between you and company, and notate this to help you with your resume and cover letter.

Prepare your resume, cover letter and reel (if needed) for the position you are specifically applying to.

Pay attention when you see, “Do not reply to this ad! No calls or emails!” and any particular application directions, such as application deadlines or requested email subjects or headers. Don’t send a signal that you cannot take direction well from the start or it might result in a decline.

Job Tracking Spreadsheet

Keep us in the loop of the progress of your job search by completing the Job Tracking Spreadsheet and communicating with your Advisor on a bi-weekly basis.By knowing where and how frequently you are applying to opportunities, we are able to further assist you with information we may know about the company or position you’re applying to or may be even a direct contact.

Download the Job Search Tracking Sheet

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