Your goal prior to and during the interview is to…
Initial phone contact

Pay particular attention to the sound/tone of your voice, grammar and the tempo of your conversation. Speak with sincerity and enthusiasm, though don’t over talk. This conversation is designed to determine the possibility of a match and can make or break your opportunity. Here is where they decide if they will go to step two with you – an interview!

First impressions are “forever”

Just because a company has a reputation for an informal atmosphere, don’t show up in shorts. You want to be one step up from the other people in the office for your interview. Arrive early with good hygiene, dressed appropriately and prepared. Show respect and always dress up a notch above the company’s dress code by having clean hair, body, teeth and clothes (ironed). Remember to:

  • Keep your answers to the point and relatively brief.
  • During the interview always keep the “actual position in mind.”
  • When answering questions, have good posture and facial expressions (i.e. smile, try to look relaxed and shine).
  • Always be prepared: bring a couple extra copies of cover letter, resume, demo and reference page (if any).
  • Test your reel before hand to make sure it works.

If this is a corporate opportunity here are tips for success:

Don’ts: Clean-up facial hair, long hair, jeans, jewelry, tennis shoes, and visible tattoos.

Do’s: Jacket, tie, dress shirt, sweater, dress slacks, neatly cut hair and ironed clothing.

Be sure to keep eye contact through out the interview & stay focused

Do not drink lots of caffeinated or other stimulating drinks before the interview. It is natural to feel anxious, and caffeine can make you too chatty and nervous. The last thing you want to do is to forget information and come off seeming too nervous, over or unconfident.

Watch out for arrogance

Do not come across like you’re doing them a favor just by being there, even if you fit all of the job’s technical requirements. Express interest in the job and talk about what you can do for the company and your ability to learn quickly.

Don’t assume

When discussing your education don’t assume they know Ex’pression College’s coursework. Be prepared to share your “hands on” training (the order could depend on the position you are interviewing for, most relevant first). Don’t forget your computer skills (whether you learned them at school or not). Be sure and discuss the benefit of learning to work in teams, and on a tight deadline.

Think of this as an audition

Rather than dreading difficult interview situations, prepare yourself to handle them effectively. You’ll cast yourself in a favorable light and be well on your way to winning an offer. Would you audition for a movie or band without rehearsing the material first? Then why would you ever consider interviewing without rehearsing the delivery of who you are? Please remember, you are “on stage” and are auditioning during the interview. You may only get one chance and MUST be prepared to present yourself in the most complimentary manner showing likeness between you and the position.

Have fun and shine!

Try and enjoy your time with the interviewer. Smile, listen well and try to stay focused on the questions. Remember, less is more. Don’t fall prey to providing far too much information that could be viewed as inappropriate. If you have fun and shine, they are likely to enjoy the meeting as well.

Prepare & practice

Your next step is to download all of the resources below. We encourage you to take the time to  read and utilize these resources. Remember, the saying, “Practice makes perfect?” The more you are familiar with the interview process and questions, the less anxious you’ll feel when it is time to interview. We want the interview process to feel like it’s almost second nature to you.

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