Cover Letter & Resume

In addition to your skills, these are the most important tools that will help you get an interview and perhaps a job:
Grammar and Spelling:

It is essential that you use correct spelling and grammar at all times. This would include email responses and letter writing. Always spell check your work. Employers feel there is no excuse for errors in this day and age. There are a few useful resources at the bottom of this page.


Always have your cell phone charged and near by. Every moment you have an employer’s attention is a self-marketing moment. Email addresses and voicemail messages should be simple and professional. Also, make sure your voicemail is not full! Show employers your sense of urgency, by immediately responding to calls and emails. With that said, we encourage you to check your emails throughout the day. If you snooze you lose. Without hesitation an employer will move onto the next candidate.


Demo Reel: Be prepared to share your demo reel outlining your best possible work. Here strength is not in numbers, but rather in your quality of work. It is helpful to have your work readily available for viewing by having a few available DVDs and links online. Make your interactions with an employer convenient from the start, and they are likely to presume this to be a strong work ethic trait. When preparing hard copies of your demo reel, never use a permanent market to write your name and contact information directly on the DVD itself, take time to print out a nice cover and case reflecting the same branding of your cover letter, resumes, business cards and website.

Online Presence: Take particular care with your online profiles and social networks (ex: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) Be assured that employers search these sites to gain insight on candidates. The results will be factored into the selection process of candidates.

Also remember to:
  • Write a resume and cover letter that showcases your related skills and any prior work or practical experience.
  • Many companies appreciate customer service experience.
  • Listing your various attributes could make the difference of a successful hiring outcome.
  • It is extremely important to show likeness between you and the opportunity.Be specific about how your skills compliment the opportunity.
  • Do not underestimate the “POWER” of a cover letter and resume even if you have a personal referral.

 Links to Resume Writing Tips
Cover Letter/Resume Examples

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