About Us

The Career Services Department (CS) is led by a highly-qualified industry professional, who guides a team of knowledgeable and enthusiastic CS advisors, representing both the audio and visual media industries. Their collective experience, industry connections, and respected reputation, are the reasons that the CS team can provide students with professional career building guidance and an edge in today’s competitive job market. In many ways, we are here to help every student in their job search process. Here are a few services we offer in addition to ongoing departmental support.


Millie Li

Career Services Coordinating Advisor

Cameron Parker

Career Services Advisor

How We Help You

Open Office Hours:

Every week, CS Advisors hold open office hours. Available hours are posted on our doors and are an opportunity for you to stop by and chat with us about questions you have regarding your job search or simply what’s currently going on in your field of interest.

Volunteering Opportunities:

Since CS is connected to the industry, we are often presented with fantastic volunteer opportunities that we share with our students. Many students find that this has been an excellent networking, learning and motivational opportunity as they mingle and connect with professionals.

Ex’pert Series Events:

Throughout the year, our department invites industry professionals to come and speak to you about their professional journeys, their companies, the state of their industry, and technology today. Our guests are available to meet and greet, and sometimes these professionals are kind enough to conduct demo reel critique sessions with you as well. These events are open to all students and graduates, and are a great way to network during your time here at ECDA. You may win a raffle prize or even make some job contacts at an Ex’pert Series event!

On and Off Campus Events:

CS posts information on the CS Student Website and sends email blasts notifying you when we will be holding industry-related events on and off campus. These events are vital in helping you learn more about the field of your choice, opportunities in related and/or up-and-coming fields, technological advancements and networking with professionals. The CS team often recruits volunteers for these events and encourages you to sign up. It’s a great opportunity to connect with CS on a more personal level, have fun, and network.

CS Workshops:

Frequently, CS holds a topical workshop open to all enrolled students. Subjects of these workshops can include, but are not limited to, tips on improving your skills, industry expectations, networking, and job advice. On occasion, we will also have industry guest speakers participate in leading workshops as well. This is a great time to connect with CS and ask questions you may have.


Our CS team, gives several scheduled lectures, with topics ranging from industry expectations to job searching tips and techniques. This is a great way to begin connecting with you during your tenure here.

Exit Interviews:

CS Advisors conduct interviews with all exiting students prior to graduation, during which we discuss your technical abilities, aspirations and other topics that will help you to plan your first steps in your career development. Please note that this is mandatory, and must take place before graduation.

Final Critiques/Reel Review: 

The CS team attends several finals and reel reviews throughout the year in order to get to know students as artists, and offer critiques before you begin your job search. When possible, industry professionals will be invited to provide their invaluable feedback.

Student Memberships with Industry Affiliations:

There are several organizations that welcome student memberships. We encourage you to join an industry affiliation of your interest. Your student membership(s) will allow you to start exercising your networking skills now, and allow you to learn from the best in the business. These organizations sponsor many events that you won’t want to miss. See any CS Advisor to discuss the great benefits of various organizations you can join.

Ongoing Assistance:

CS focuses on assisting you in your job search for six months after your graduation date. Afterwards, it’s your responsibility to reach out to CS for further assistance. CS provides assistance to recent graduates with weekly job postings on our website. Upon request, we also provide advice about interviewing, marketing materials, negotiating salary and networking, and are always here to support you in your short-term job search and long-term career development.

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