About This Project



The focus is base on music and creativily. There are so many aspects and concepts of what music is and where it comes from. We all have different backgrounds, culture, religion and etc.

There's alot of conflict with music; but also not just focusing on one genre it's really the aspects of the music content that's brought to are attention and how it has impact in today's society. 





I feel as a upcoming artist/musician I have to be more persistent in my line of field. I am a solo artist but I gotta learn how to network, marketed, promote, but also build a fan base.


I do have a website that I have personally created for myself.


Official Website: http://www.thecaliking.net 




Born and raised in Oakland, California and I grow up in church. My granny and parents has always been my inspiration from day one. From, the first time that I can remember ; I knew I was destine to be great at something. Just, finding my passion and desire of following my dreams has been a amazing thing. 

I have some musicial background but not alot of it; I just know that without education I can't be able to grasp of what is the power elements of music or just being a producer. I have done over 16 albums, 2 gospel, and 3 mixtapes throughout the 9 yers course. Music is just a passion, but not a job yet for me because I'm still willing to learn and build my own empire. I have collaborated with other artists also, I do mostly rap and Rn'B but I wiould love to do Rockn'Roll and learn how to play the guitar.






My name is Reese Spears and I am music artist. This is just the beginning. 



I have perform in different l locations as a sole artist.

Oakland, CA, San Francisco, CA and San Jose, CA




This relates to sll key elements about my music and expereinces in life. I love to create and tell stories about what I see and feel. Everyday is always something different to tell about what your goiing through and what imspires you the most; but also keeps you going.


My story reflects on many differrent events in period of time. My music is a reflect on life and passion. I'm the main character and I am my own competition when it comes to putting in hard wiork and getting the best education as possible.



I want to be able to reach other individual artists and the newer generation that's trying to make a way as a underground; that;s ready to make a difference. My main target is the young and the ones who paid the for us as of now. Learning to market, promote, bulding a fan base, creating a website and etc. I have collabrated with othjer artists on my different projects along with my albums and mixtapes.



My style is different and very unqiue, but I always have my own way of doing it and criquing my skills as artist. 




I want to let everyone know how passionate I am about my music and how dedicated as an artist. I work and learn especialluy from what I do know and don't know. I will never waste time nor play aroiund with my music or education.