Oct 05

The Rise of a King



This is a picture of me on a billboard. I'm the headliner of my own show and I have another artist opening up for me.

My name is Reese Spears and I am a uncoming artist from Oakland, California born and raised. I've always loved music and had a passion for it as a kid. I grow up singing in the chori and then later on I started developing my own talent and skills.

My granny is my #1 inspiration in my life, but also including Michael Jackson and etc. I just knew wouldn't education nothing can be possible without following your dreams and preparing for a brighter future ahead. This is just a start of a new beginning for me; and I got long ways to go too acheive greatness in the life I'm living.



"My focus has always been to stay real and true to myself"

"The more I strive I know I'm always going to be a winner "

"True warrior pride"


                                   – The Cali King  (Quote)