Project Proposal

The Berkeley Boys


BAC’N Speed Productions
Cale Russell
Anthony Zazzera (Zazz)
Natasha Candelaria Smith
Bryce Adams


The Berkeley Boys are a group of pro downhill long-boarders who have influenced the other skaters in the Bay Area with techniques such as The Pendulum Slide (The Coleman Slide).


The Skater Community, the younger generation (15-35 years of age), anyone interested in high adrenaline skating.


A new insight of how downhill long boarding is accomplished in the Bay Area. As well as to influence others, skaters or non-skaters, to do what you love, take it to the next level to challenge yourself, and to have fun with it.


The main styles of music that will be played are upbeat. Some sound design used would be for the point of view shots of the skaters: sounds of the skateboard and the wind rushing by.


Our movie is going to be filmed through the Fly on the Wall style. We will have minimal to no audio and video of the documentary makers themselves. The viewer will be immersed in the film with the skateboarders, courses, venues, competitions, interviews, etc. All sequences will feel as if they were there in the moment as it is happening.

A great deal of time will be spent on initial setup and configuration of the equipment. We want extremely vivid and present audio with real world on scene sound effects. The interview audio of the riders will be in their voice directly. The video will all be live action in style trying to get our viewers on the edge of their seat with fast, in your face, action sequences and race footage. The interviews will be as personal and one on one (viewer and interviewee) so they feel like they are being directly talked to.

When the film opens we will go from the title sequence into the opening of what downhill skateboarding is and what it is called. Once the background is established we will then get to the heart of the film. Who are the Berkeley Boys? What have they done to the sport? Who taught them to ride the way they do today? And so on

Now that some brief history of the sport has been established, the viewer will be gradually introduced into the industry with footage and images of downhill skateboarding. There will also be some brief explanations by one of our interview subjects on what the gear is and how it is used. This will establish our sources expertise and lend to his credibility when asking, “who are the Berkeley Boys..?” and “who is Cliff Coleman?

The next part of the film will have pictures, video, and audio of downhill skating at a professional event either in Marin County or Salinas, CA @ Laguna Seca Raceway. We will be attending a race and showing live footage of riders doing what they do best, going fast! We will also be interviewing some of the racers asking them our interview questions. This will give us a chance to explore if the Berkeley Boys have had an impact on riders outside of the Bay Area. The Laguna Seca Invitational will have riders from not just the United States, but also the entire world!

We will next be heading to a few local Bay Area spots to film local pro’s and locations that they train to compete. Taking the viewer to a few of the mythical locations that they could only hope to see in a pro’s video or session films. We will be doing live first person footage of the practice jam sessions. In addition we will also be using GoPro Hero2’s on the board for the riders so you can see, first hand, what they see as they ride. There will also be strategically placed cameras to get action shots of the riders doing the pendulum (Coleman) slide. We will interview the local pros and find out whom the Berkeley Boy’s are to them and if they have stories of riding with the guys as well as if the Berkeley Boy has affected their style or technique. We will also interview local riders that are not professionals and see if they know the Boy’s and what, if any, their impact has been on the “average” downhill rider.

Finally, we will talk about the history of the group and their origins in the sport. Take a look at the media and moments on the web that have catapulted them to fame and show a bit of the Sector Nine Skateboards video “Second Nature” that has won multiple awards and talk about its role in the group’s success.

Our production group, BAC’N Speed, will be diving head first into the long boarding scene in the Bay Area.  We want to examine one team in particular; The Berkeley Boys, and how they shape what boarders do today. It does not matter if you are professional or not, the understanding of what these men do on a daily basis will be explored in depth. In addition, we will also look at Bay Area locals who have learned from “The Boys” and adopted a very important piece of their skating arsenal, The Pendulum Slide. Developed by Cliff Coleman, a pioneer and mentor of the industry, he would utilize this slide to maintain control around turns while at extremely fast speeds. Furthermore, we will be gathering as much footage as possible from practice runs and upcoming events. To document the techniques locals’ use and what they have learned from The Berkeley Boys is a big factor that will help support our documentary.

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