1. Wiki Longboarding     Wikipedia on longboarding

2. Muir Skate Buyers Guide     San Diego’s Muir Skate Shop

3. What is DH Longboarding?     Adrenaline Beast

4. HITS DH Videos     Heavy in the Streets Down Hill Page

5. Skate House     Skate House Media (just search your favorite rider he/she is there)

6. IGSA     International Gravity Sports Association (governing body of PRO DH)

7. Silverfish     The online longboarding community and mag

8. G-form     G-form skate division

9. NCDSA     Northern California Downhill Skateboarding Association

10. JM Duran     JM’s sponsorship website. Founding member of Berkeley Boys

11. Noah Sakamoto    Noah’s sponsor site. Founding member of Berkeley Boys

12. Noah Sakamoto Deck     Noah’s signature series deck by Comet Skate

13. Sabotage Times     Article on Roller Derby skateboard company

14. Longboard Skateboard     Sales and information site on longboarding

15. Wiki Skateboarding     Wikipedia on skateboarding

16. Coleman Slide     A good basic article on how to utilize the Coleman slide

17. Interview w/ Cliff Coleman     A short interview with the legend

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