Rough Cut Critique!

Bay Area Sliders

Little less negative space in footage.
More footage used from race.
Description of longboard a little long.
Just describe the longboard, no comparison to Skateboard.
Use more of the footage from the previews.
Music is a little distracting.
Why do they still longboard since its so dangerous?
Connect to Sinjin?
Less Sinjin.
Grabbed right away!
Bring back the sexy!” (More like the previews)
Amp it up!
More of Cliff Coleman (Archival footage, stories from riders)
Massive Potential
Use footage to support story; if it doesn’t fit, get rid of it!
Music Integration
Good footage
Action Shots
Longboard Explanation (No Skateboard)
So much great footage!

Thank you to everyone who gave your input! We will use as much of it as we can!

Interview questions

  • Who are you?
  • Do you skate board?
  • When did you start skating?
  • What set up are you riding?
  • Are you sponsored? By who?
  • Where do you prefer to ride in the Bay?
  • How dangerous is longboarding?
  • Do you get hassled by the police when you ride?
  • Have you ever been injured or wrecked bad?
  • Do you know who the Berkeley Boys are have you heard of the Berkeley Boys?
  • When did you first meet the Berkeley Boys?
  • Where did you first hear of the Berkeley Boys?
  • Who are the Berkeley Boys?
  • Where are the Berkeley Boys from?
  • When did the Berkeley Boys start riding?
  • How did the Berkeley Boys start riding?
  • How did they meet/form?
  • What do the Berkeley Boys ride?
  • When did the Berkeley Boys get on the map?
  • Who are the Berkeley Boys to you?
  • (Patrick Rizzo, Noah Sakamoto, Joseph Myles Duran) Out of the three Berkeley Boys, who do you believe has the best riding style?
  • Why do you think the Berkeley Boys are influential to the skating community?
  • Do you know who Cliff Coleman is?
  • What do you know about the Pendulum Slide?
  • Do you see evidence of their style of riding in the skating community?
  • What do you plan to do with your skating career?
  • Where do you see this sport going in the future?