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My project is about the downhill skate boarding crew know as the “Berkeley Boys.” I will discuss where they started and their founding members. In addition, I will show how they have become prominent pros in the professional downhill skate scene worldwide and how they changed the sport forever.

The founding members of the crew are Patrick Rizzo, J.M. Duran, and Noah Sakamoto. I will interview them and talk about their individual starts into the world of downhill skateboarding, what happened once they went pro, and where they are now. I am also interviewing Josh Torres, a local pro who skates with the guys and his take on what and who the Berkley Boys are.

I will take a look at a few of the spots around the East Bay that they became famous for riding. Claremont is one of the gnarliest hills in the bay and extremely fast. I will take footage of the skaters on their home turf riding this beast. I will also choose another location in Berkeley to film with the crew.

I will cover briefly how and where the sport came from. Fast forward to the  90’s when the crew were growing up and taking an interest in the sport. How they got into downhill skating. Then look at their careers and up to today and their plans for the future.

I hope to engage a core audience of skaters around the world that want to know about this group. With the action and excitement of the sport as well as the men’s enthusiasm, I hope to broaden the downhill boarder base and even introduce the sport to new people. I think anyone will enjoy watching these guys shred for a few minutes.

I will approach my project by getting footage and interviews of some of the most respected skaters in the scene locally and internationally. These are who other skaters will recognize and want to hear from. I will be the interviewer and guide the film as an interesting story. I want to tell the real story behind the Crew and how they came to be. I am interested because no one has told their story before and people will really want to know how they got where they are at today. Make these guys known and go from their mouth to your ears and eyes. Show their definite footprint on the sport.

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