How to stop!

There are five basic ways to stop on a longboard.

1. The ride out. If you have space and time you can simply allow your speed and momentum to be ridden out.



With the nice flat and then uphill ending this speed will resolve itself by just begin ridden out.

2. The foot brake. You simply put one foot down and drag the bottom of your shoes sole to scrub off speed. This is the easiest braking method to learn but not as effective as sliding. It can also be dangerous at high speed because it can destabilize you. You saw more of this method in earlier racing and in new riders.

foot brake


Basic foot braking technique.

3. Air braking. Air braking is when you flare your body out of its normally aerodynamic position (tuck) to catch more wind resistance. It will take speed off of your run effectively slowing you but doesn’t stop you. Care must be used with this move as well. If you flare out at 65 mph it’s like getting hit with a 65 mph gust of wind, it can take you right off your board. Many pros use this method to pre brake corners so they don’t have to slow down as much in the corner.

Air and foot


At the IGSA worlds, they are air braking with their arms and foot braking. The reason is because a very tight corner is coming and the group is to close together to slide.(only the rear rider can slide with out injuring someone) The pack here is going over 100 kph (62mph).

4. The “Coleman Slide”. This is by far the most effective and used method of braking in the pro downhill world. You center you weight over the deck and let the wheels loose traction in a controlled manner sliding to the side until the rider has dropped the amount of speed he or she needs to make a corner or obstacle.


Cliff Coleman teaching his own slide. How to Coleman

5. The run out. This is a last resort and should be used as such. The rider must be going slower than he or she can run. Then you simply run off your skateboard and slow down from your run to a stop. Because it is uncontrolled and doesn’t stop the skateboard itself run outs are the last option of a good downhiller.

run outA run out starting.