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The concept for my project is going to be local artist and live performers coming up in the the area. The core concept for my project is about the struggle of local musical artists and musicians/producers that are up and coming in the bay area.


I have access to local dj's and some rap artist from around the bay area, in addition to that I also have connects with a post hardcore band from Bakersfield, CA.

(DaSoulMan, Chapters, JMJ, etc.)


Everyone can relate to other artist. Rather it be for money or for fame regardless of their motive the world needs good music. Not everyone knows how much time goes into making music so I plan to show the audience the music process.


Various Music Artist 

DaSoulMan, Chapters, JMJ.

The Pier




Various places

Oakland, CA

Bakersfield, CA


My project is based on the music process from start to finish. I want to capture all the obstacles and hardships that come up in the music process and also the talent that music artist put in to their work.


Going to attend a gig when DaSoulMan is performing. Also when JMJ has a session going on im going to capture their workflow process.


This is open to all audiences who are into music or any musician who is also on the same path that can relate.


I plan to approach artist and performers to see whats their motive is making music and performing. The only obstacle I encounter is trying interviewing a band that is out of town I will most likley have to skype or FaceTime them.


What really sparks my interest about this topic is a lot of music consumers doesnt really know how much time, money, and soul go into the music that artist create or perform. So if the audience is a music head and appericates the art they will really be enlighted by this topic to see how the process is for a artist.