12/04 – Frank Simeone

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Frank Simeone – Producer/Production Manager DGA, SAG/AFTRA Theatrical Business Representative

Frank Simeone is a San Francisco based Producer/Production Manager of feature length motion pictures, documentaries and commercials. He began his career as a production assistant at Francis Coppola’s American Zoetrope and then as a production manager for Lucasfilm. Frank’s production experience in the studios of American Zoetrope and Lucasfilm has enabled him to produce or manage first features for many independent directors. Some of these first features include Terry Zwigoff’s LOUIE BLUIE, NINA TAKES A LOVER and the film festival hit, DREAM WITH THE FISHES. Frank’s more recent credits include work on Lucasfilms’ PHANTOM MENACE, Ang Lee’s THE HULK, BEE SEASON and X MEN III – THE LAST STAND. Frank has had experience working with all the major Hollywood studios and well as the premiere visual effects studios in Los Angeles and the Bay Area. Frank coordinated plate and Green Screen photography for the feature films X MEN – THE LAST STAND, HBO’s HEMINGWAY AND GELLHORN, CHAW and XXX – STATE OF THE UNION.

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Workshops with Isao Kogurt

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4/10/15 – SAE and Native Instruments presents: Mark de Clive-Lowe

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4/09/15 – Albeton Users Group

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Ableton Group

4/08/15 – Electronic Music Meet Up

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Electronic Music Meetup

3/19 HEAR Workshop with Kathy Peck!

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ICS Workshop with Mat Callahan 5/2 4pm Theatre 563

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Ex'pert Series - Mat Callahan May 2, 2013
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Mat Callahan

Mat Callahan
Musician & Author

Join us for a Presentation and Workshop featuring Mat Callahan. The topic will be:Maintaining High Fidelity When Art and Commerce Collide.

Musician and author Mat Callahan was the lead singer/songwriter of the San Francisco-based band The Looters, who trailblazed the “world-beat” music movement in the 1980s and were signed by Jello Biafra to Alternative Tentacles and later by Chris Blackwell to Island Records. The band was on the forefront of incorporating funk and world rhythms into their rock music, and their live shows became must-see events with such bookings as the Grateful Dead’s notorious New Year’s Eve concerts. The band’s success led to the founding of the artists’ collective Komotion International, which became known for radical art making and revolutionary politics and helped spawn the groups Primus, Consolidated and Michael Franti.

Presently, Callahan is organizing the revival of Irish hero James Connolly’s Songs of Freedom. He is the author of three books, Sex, Death and the Angry Young Man, Testimony, and The Trouble With Music, where he questions the concept of music copyrights and commercial music making.

For more info on Mat: www.matcallahan.com

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