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2011 Young Guns Award Competition

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Young Guns International

2011 YoungGuns Award

Recognizing the best young talent globally in Advertising, Digital, Design, Media, PR, and Student. If you believe your boss will be working for you, or wishing he / she was you, in the future…then welcome to YoungGuns.

Important Dates & Facts for 2011
To be eligible for a YoungGuns Professional Award(Advertising, Digital, Design, Media, PR), you or one of your team MUST have been born after November 25, 1980.
To be eligible for a YoungGuns Student Award you and your team MUST current be a registered student or have graduated in the last 12 months.

Advertising, Digital, Design, Media, and PR:
2011 Entries Open – Monday August 1
2011 Entry Deadline Extended – Monday October 31
2011 Shortlist Announced – Monday December 5
2011 Winners & Finalists Announced – Monday December 12

2011 Entries Open – Monday June 6
2011 Entries Close – Friday November 4
2011 Shortlist Announced – Monday December 5
2011 Winners & Finalists Announced – Monday December 12

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Ex’pert Series 5/23 Meyer Hall – Bryan Thombs and William Lebeda

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Ex'pert Series - Picture Mill, May 23, 2011

William Lebeda of Picture Mill
William Lebeda
Creative Director
Picture Mill

Bryan Thombs of Picture MillBryan Thombs
VFX Supervisor
Picture Mill

Monday, May 23
Meyer Hall
Ex’pression College
Emeryville, CA 

Join us for our next Ex’pert Series featuring William Lebeda and Bryan Thombs of Picture Mill.

William Lebeda, Creative Director, is a graphic designer, animator and director who has worked in the field of entertainment design since the early 1990s. Since joining Picture Mill in 1995, William has designed and directed projects for motion pictures, advertising agencies and television. In 2007, William directed the 2nd Unit for M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening. He is particularly delighted to have been named the best and worst film title designer (The ID Forty, February 2003) for two wildly different projects: Panic Room for David Fincher, and Signs for M. Night Shyamalan. Previous to his experiences in California, William spent most of his youth in and around northern New Mexico. He used to draw a lot more than he does now.

Bryan Thombs is an experienced VFX Supervisor with expertise in 3D animation & compositing who is used to working on diverse projects, ranging from elaborate photo real 3D environments to stylized motion graphics, each requiring a balance of technical and creative solutions. His fascination with visual effects and filmmaking started when he was in the 5th grade and by the 11th grade he had taught himself 3D using Lightwave on an Amiga 3000. Bryan recently completed the title sequences to the films Fast Five, Your Highness, Green Hornet and many other exciting projects.

Founded in 1995 and located in a refurbished Hollywood automotive garage, Picture Mill is a motion design studio deeply rooted in the traditional tenants of graphic design and filmmaking. Over the last 15 years Lebeda and Thombs have learned that there is no substitute for exceptional thinking combined with hard work. And that eventually, good really will triumph over evil.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from William and Bryan as they share their industry knowledge and experience.

Submit your RSVP here.

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Ex’pert Series 4/29 Meyer Hall – Kyle Cooper

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Ex'pert Series - Kyle Cooper, April 26, 2011

Kyle Cooper

Guest speaker

Kyle Cooper

Title Designer

Founder, Prologue Films

Prologue Films

Join us at our next Ex’pert Series featuring Kyle Cooper.

Kyle Cooper has directed and produced hundreds of film title and VFX sequences. Details magazine credits Cooper with “almost single-handedly revitalizing the main title sequence as an art form.”

Cooper founded Prologue Films in 2003, a finalist in the 2008 National Design Awards, and named and founded Imaginary Forces in 1996. Cooper has five Emmy Award nominations and one win for his work on the 81st Annual Academy Awards. He holds an MFA in Graphic Design from the Yale School of Art (where he studied independently with Paul Rand), and the title of Honorary Royal Designer for Industry from the Royal Society of Arts in London.

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VJing event and live music at Ex’pression.

September 9, 2010 in Announcements, Motion Graphic Design by vicki

Beyond the Screen is a MGD class focused on video installations, interactive installations, and other projects that go beyond the traditional film or television screen. All students are invited to attend the mid-term and final!

The final for the Beyond the Screen class is on Friday, September 10th, from 7-9pm in the East End Open Space. Featuring music from DJ Quest!

Funky Time Graphics Bomb 9/1 and 9/10 East End 7-9p

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The Ex’pert Series – Friday, July 16th, 2010

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Tippett Studio logo
Guest speaker
Danny Yount
Creative Director,
Prologue Films
Ex’pression College presents our next Ex’pert Series, an evening with award-winning motion graphic designer, Danny Yount. Students, don’t miss this chance to get an expert’s perspective on the future of the design profession.

Danny Yount is internationally recognized for his work in feature films and television titles. He has earned an Emmy for the Six Feet Under main title, has been elected into the Alliance Graphique Internationale, and is currently serving as a Creative Director at Prologue Films, where he designed the main titles for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, The Reaping, Pushing Daisies, The Invasion, Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes, and RocknRolla, among others. To view these projects, visit

More info visit here.

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Want to be in the next Ex’pression College tv spot?

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Motion Graphic Program Director, Yael Braha is looking for 3 actors to be featured in an Ex’pression College commercial. The Director is from the Gunshop. Shooting begins early next week.  Although this is a non-paid gig, you will be immortalized on film and broadcast into homes in our market.

See casting requirements below:

Urban Artist

Featured/Male/All Ethnicities/18-25 years old

Role Description: An urban artist paints a mural, then steps into the world he has created.

Wardrobe: Street attire with an artistic flair. Please bring several options.


Featured/Female/All Ethnicities/18-25 years old

Role Description: Elegantly moving through frame, you leave a swirl of creativity wherever you go.

Wardrobe: Extravagant and sexy creative high fashion. Please bring 3 options, additional options will be provided.

Street Style Dancer

Featured/Male/All Ethnicities/18-25 years old

Description: Your dance energy and moves create a vivid background of color and energy.

For visual reference of style, see animation below:

Please email Scott Hess, Associate Program Director, MGD if you you’d like to participate or have any questions about the parts.