Expert Series presents animator Jeremy Bolan – 5/29

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Spring 2014 Visual Arts Showcase – Call for submissions!

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Do you think your artwork is some of the best at Ex’pression College?

Submit it to the Spring 2014 Visual Arts Showcase.


The Spring 2014 Visual Arts Showcase will be celebrated on Thursday, May 8th at 5pm in Meyer Hall. The screening will feature the best work from the Animation & Visual Effects, Digital Filmmaking, Game Art Design, and Motion Graphic Design students at Ex’pression College.

Submission information:

  • Submission deadline is Friday, May 2nd.
  • Please complete the submission form below.
  • Then and upload your video submission in a folder formatted with your name to this directory:
    • PC: bluearc\AVE\Student Drop Box\Spring 2014 Visual Art Showcase
    • MAC: smb:// Drop Box/Spring 2014 Visual Art Showcase
  • All submissions must be a Quicktime (.mov) file formatted to HD720 (1280×720) and rendered with the H.264 codec at best quality.
  • Previously edited demo reels or portfolios will not be accepted- please submit the original artworks instead for consideration.
  • Current Students and Alumni who have graduated in the past year are eligible to participate.
  • Submissions will be juried by the faculty and/or Program Directors.

Good Luck!

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Spring 2014 VAS Submission deadline has passed. Thank you and we hope to see you next time!


by vicki

Special Guest Speaker – Michael McCormick, game designer – June 12 at 9am Wintzen Lab

June 7, 2012 in Animation & Visual Effects, Announcements, Guest Speaker by vicki

Idle Games Logo It’s another Guest Speaker!
9am : 6/12 : Wintzen Lab (next to Wintzen Library)

Michael McCormick is a Game Designer that has designed games at a few companies you might have heard of – Lucasfilm, EA, Zynga, Ide Games. He will be a guest in the AVE Portfolio class Tuesday (6/12) at 9am in Wintzen, and you should come hear what he has to say!

Michael is going to speak about how he got to where he is today, and what he does on a daily basis with his creative team at Idle Games.

Students of the AVE Portfolio class have priority seating, but there are extra seats and plenty of room, so please join us if your Instructor and schedule allows!
Hope to see you all there!

K.C. Murphy
Program Director : Fine Arts
Assoc. PD : Animation and Visual Effects

by vicki

Special Guest Speaker – Iñigo Quilez, programmer/artist for Pixar – June 7 at 10am Wintzen Lab

June 6, 2012 in Animation & Visual Effects, Announcements, Guest Speaker by vicki

Check out the world of Iñigo Quilez, a programmer/artist from Pixar who produces beautiful cg images using math.

He is coming in to speak to the AVE Portfolio class in Wintzen on Thursday (6/7) at 10am about what he does!

If you are familiar with the demoscene, Iñigo is “IQ” and has a long and illustrious history in that world, playing with using math to generate images.
Check out his website, watch his demos, get your math hat on, and brush up on your linear algebra.
Now with even more flavors!

Students of the AVE Portfolio class have priority seating, but there are extra seats and plenty of room, so please join us if your Instructor and schedule allows!
Hope to see you there!

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RSVP for Special AVE & Cinemagic event with Colum Slevin | Friday, February 17, 2012

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Special event with Colum Slevin, February 17, 2012
Submit your RSVP today
Colum Slevin
Colum Slevin

Join us for a special screening with Colum Slevin from Lucasfilm Animation and Lucasfilm Singapore.

In partnership with Cinemagic, we are pleased to welcome Colum Slevin (Vice President, Head of Studio Operations – Lucasfilm Animation and Lucasfilm Singapore). Join us as he shares his experiences and what motivated him to join the industry, and what has inspired him along the way. This event will also include a special screening of a film chosen by Colum himself!

About Colum Slevin
As Vice President, Head of Studio Operations, Colum Slevin oversees production operations and pipelines for both Lucasfilm Animation (Marin County) and Lucasfilm Singapore, and is responsible for the growth and development of the Singapore Studio and its divisions — Lucasfilm Animation Singapore, LucasArts Singapore and Industrial Light & Magic Singapore.

Slevin joined Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light & Magic in 1999, where he served in various capacities including Director of Scheduling & Utilization and Executive in Charge of Production. From there, he went on to lead Lucasfilm’s overall cross-divisional training and collaborative efforts, which led to his current position.

Prior to joining the Lucas Companies, Slevin worked for Sullivan Bluth Studios and Fox Animation Studios.

Seating is limited. RSVPs are required for this event. RSVPs will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Submit your RSVP here.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity and a great film!

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Academic Assistance updates for November!

November 9, 2011 in Academics, Announcements by vicki

* Online GE Lab – NEW Hours!

Monday – Friday 1:00pm to 5:00pm
Hours subject to change.  Please check the Online GE Lab door for current hours. The Online GE Lab is located in the South Wing.

* Drop-in Tutoring hours until November 29:

  • SA/IA with Sean: Wednesdays 4:00pm to 6:00pm in the Library
  • SA/IA with Ryan: Thursdays 10:00am to 12:00pm in the Library
  • AVE with Andrew: Tuesdays 8:00pm to 10:00pm in the Library
  • MGD with Lauren: Fridays 2:00pm to 4:00pm in Lab B
  • GAD/DF: Available by request.
  • Common Core (MSV/LMW) – Coming Soon!

Hours subject to change.  Check the Academic Assistance page for current hours.

* Workshop schedule for Saturday, November 12

If you would like to attend a workshop, please contact the instructor to let them know.

Workshop 1: Time Management and Note-taking
Time management, organization, note-taking formats and styles.
Instructor: Elizabeth Jackson –
10am-12pm, Classroom C

Workshop 2: Study Skills and Test Prep
Test preparation, test formats, study processes, presentation skills.
Instructor: Elizabeth Jackson –
12pm-2pm, Classroom C

Workshop 3: Test Taking, Improving Scores
Test-taking approaches, improving scores, practice tests.
Instructor: Elizabeth Jackson –
3pm-5pm, Classroom C

Workshop 4: Computer Skills
Understanding the Mac Operating System, file management, using computers for research.
Instructor: Mike Thomton–
5pm-7pm, McLuhan

* OSA is seeking a Sound Arts Drop-in Tutor

Sound Arts Drop-in Tutor (FWS) (1 position starting December 1st)
This is a Federal Work Study position and you must be eligible for Work-Study as part of your Financial Aid packaging. 
View the Classifieds listing here.
For more information about Academic Assistance and Support Services, please visit the Academic Assistance page.

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Ex’pert Series 5/23 Meyer Hall – Bryan Thombs and William Lebeda

May 12, 2011 in Ex'pert Series, Industry and Career Services by vicki

Ex'pert Series - Picture Mill, May 23, 2011

William Lebeda of Picture Mill
William Lebeda
Creative Director
Picture Mill

Bryan Thombs of Picture MillBryan Thombs
VFX Supervisor
Picture Mill

Monday, May 23
Meyer Hall
Ex’pression College
Emeryville, CA 

Join us for our next Ex’pert Series featuring William Lebeda and Bryan Thombs of Picture Mill.

William Lebeda, Creative Director, is a graphic designer, animator and director who has worked in the field of entertainment design since the early 1990s. Since joining Picture Mill in 1995, William has designed and directed projects for motion pictures, advertising agencies and television. In 2007, William directed the 2nd Unit for M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening. He is particularly delighted to have been named the best and worst film title designer (The ID Forty, February 2003) for two wildly different projects: Panic Room for David Fincher, and Signs for M. Night Shyamalan. Previous to his experiences in California, William spent most of his youth in and around northern New Mexico. He used to draw a lot more than he does now.

Bryan Thombs is an experienced VFX Supervisor with expertise in 3D animation & compositing who is used to working on diverse projects, ranging from elaborate photo real 3D environments to stylized motion graphics, each requiring a balance of technical and creative solutions. His fascination with visual effects and filmmaking started when he was in the 5th grade and by the 11th grade he had taught himself 3D using Lightwave on an Amiga 3000. Bryan recently completed the title sequences to the films Fast Five, Your Highness, Green Hornet and many other exciting projects.

Founded in 1995 and located in a refurbished Hollywood automotive garage, Picture Mill is a motion design studio deeply rooted in the traditional tenants of graphic design and filmmaking. Over the last 15 years Lebeda and Thombs have learned that there is no substitute for exceptional thinking combined with hard work. And that eventually, good really will triumph over evil.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from William and Bryan as they share their industry knowledge and experience.

Submit your RSVP here.