12/15 – Holiday Alumni Mixer

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**Current students in their senior year are eligible to participate**


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04/08 – Career Services presents Steve “Spaz” Williams

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Steve spaz Williams, Director and VFX Artist to Ex’pression College. He is a legendary pioneer in the world of computer graphics in feature film production. Steve’s career spans several landmark CG moments in film such as: the pseudopod in The Abyss (the first “soft surface” CG character), the liquid-metal T1000 in Terminator 2 (the first CG main character), the infamous dinosaurs of Jurassic Park (first digital animals), and, the contortion of Jim Carrey’s face in The Mask, amongst others. The Abyss, Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park each took home the Oscar for Best Visual Effects in their respective years. Steve himself was nominated for an Oscar for The Mask. Furthermore, all are projects that represent important leaps in CG, in terms of developing the techniques and pushing the boundaries of what was thought possible by the all mighty pixel. Aside from Steve’s work on these milestone movies, this is the man that, on his own time, created an animation test that convinced Steven Spielberg and George Lucas that CG was the way to go for Jurassic Park. He has also directed the animated movie “The Wild” for Disney.

VFX Credits
The Mask
Jurassic Park
Terminator 2
The Hunt for Red October
The Abyss

Director Credits
Young Santa
Rainbow: Legend of Spirit Bear
The Wild


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03/31 – Spring Alumni Mixer

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03/22 – Game Developers Ex’pert Series: Honor Code Inc.

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2/19 – Career Services Presents Bill Holshevnikoff

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12/11 – Career Services presents David Tanaka

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David Tanaka in association with Career Services presents:
Adventures in Visual Effects, Animation, and Digital Filmmaking

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Tanaka is a visual effects, animation, live action, special venue and commercial editor, producer and
director with over 25 years of contributions to the entertainment industry. For 15 years he served at
Industrial Light & Magic in VFX Production and VFX Editorial on such motion pictures as Death
Becomes Her, Jurassic Park, Forrest Gump and Star Wars. He went on to Pixar Animation Studios as
a Special Projects Staff Editor for 10 years on Cars, Ratatouille, WALL•E, UP, Toy Story 3, Brave and
Monsters University.
Passionate about the projects he creatively and technically serves on, and with a sincere focus on
close collaboration with fellow production crew members, students and academic staff peers, and
production clientele, David brings his wealth of experience to Ex’pression College in the form of a
special 2 hour speaker series event. Through a retrospective on his work history, current endeavors
and some “hands on demonstrations,” please join David Tanaka as he discusses the state of
the entertainment industry and “what it all (should) mean” to the aspiring filmmaking student
and artist.

12/04 – Frank Simeone

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Frank Simeone – Producer/Production Manager DGA, SAG/AFTRA Theatrical Business Representative

Frank Simeone is a San Francisco based Producer/Production Manager of feature length motion pictures, documentaries and commercials. He began his career as a production assistant at Francis Coppola’s American Zoetrope and then as a production manager for Lucasfilm. Frank’s production experience in the studios of American Zoetrope and Lucasfilm has enabled him to produce or manage first features for many independent directors. Some of these first features include Terry Zwigoff’s LOUIE BLUIE, NINA TAKES A LOVER and the film festival hit, DREAM WITH THE FISHES. Frank’s more recent credits include work on Lucasfilms’ PHANTOM MENACE, Ang Lee’s THE HULK, BEE SEASON and X MEN III – THE LAST STAND. Frank has had experience working with all the major Hollywood studios and well as the premiere visual effects studios in Los Angeles and the Bay Area. Frank coordinated plate and Green Screen photography for the feature films X MEN – THE LAST STAND, HBO’s HEMINGWAY AND GELLHORN, CHAW and XXX – STATE OF THE UNION.

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